Fastcom takes SMACS to Sicherheit

Lausanne, Switzerland

Fastcom Technology SA, a specialist in intelligent anti-tailgating solutions, will be presenting its SMACS product line at Sicherheit 2017, next week in Zurich.

For more than 15 years, the SMACS solutions have been preventing tailgating and piggybacking in numerous domains worldwide. Typical applications are data centres, finance, secure production zones and airports. Every day, leading companies are using SMACS to preserve their security.

The SMACS product line is a complete portfolio of anti-tailgating solutions that can simultaneously manage different types of flows such as people and materials.

Functionalities such anti-tailgating, vacuity check and user guidance can be aligned to the customer's business processes, and similarly, access modes can be aligned with specific needs. Typical examples are asymmetrical entry processes and the implementation of the “4 eyes” principle.

The SMACS system can be implemented into an existing infrastructure without major construction work. Any room may be transformed into a high-security airlock. The SMACS solution can be easily interfaced with any access control solutions and is able to perform door management.

"For more than 15 years, the SMACS solutions are setting the reference point for multi-flow access control solutions." says Dr. Fabrice Moscheni, Managing Director, Fastcom Technology SA.


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