Exacqvision integrates with Percolata predictive analysis

Milwaukee, Wi (USA)

Exacqvision now offers integration with Percolata, an all-in-one customer prediction solution for retailers.

Exacqvision now integrates with Percolata to form an integrated solution using data from employees, traffic sensors, marketing calendars, historical information, and video from Exacqvision’s VMS to create customised computer vision and advance predictive analytics.

Retail businesses and malls can benefit from the integration with reliable and actionable data to recalibrate business decisions that increase sales.

The integration provides powerful features for physical retail stores such as walk-in and walk-by traffic analytics; classification of employees vs. shoppers; association of related shoppers into a buyer group; flexible vantage points eliminate the need for additional cameras and expensive new wiring; and accurate traffic forecasts.


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