Eagle Eye focuses on multisite cloud services

Austin, Tx and Las Vegas, Nv (USA)

At the recent ISC West show in Las Vegas, Eagle Eye Networks showcased solutions for its reseller partners serving enterprise and multisite customers.

Eagle Eye Networks resellers comprise small independents and regionals, as well as larger nationals. “Our resellers brought more enterprise and multisite customers during the pandemic, and we are seeing this trend continue unabated in the first half of 2021 as vaccination rates rise and North America returns to work,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

According to a report from research organisation Gartner, businesses around the globe are expected to spend $304.9 billion on public cloud services in 2021, representing an 18.4% increase over 2020. Organisations are hastening their digital business transformation plans spurred on by on-demand, scalable cloud models that achieve cost efficiency and business continuity, the report said.

At ISC West, current and prospective customers were able to engage with the Eagle Eye Networks team to discuss how a true cloud video surveillance platform can reliably meet the requirements of enterprise customers, while delivering cybersecurity assurance, business intelligence, and importantly, the flexibility to change and scale systems to ensure investments are future-proof.

Eagle Eye offerings at the show included technical, cyber security, customer service and sales expertise and support from knowledgeable staff, and the company offers resources in regions across North America and around the globe to serve its customers.

Video surveillance with artificial intelligence (AI) is alsoi part of the Eagle Eye portfolio, and the firm offers limitless possibilities for keeping communities secure and engaged, helping business improve operations and customer service, and enabling manufacturers to build higher quality products in safer environments.

Amonst the products presented at the show were the company's new products such as the Eagle Eye 4G, Direct-to-Cloud Body Camera for the commercial market which extends a video surveillance system to improve staff safety and accountability, trigger immediate response, and provide valuable evidence, all while protecting assets and keeping communities safe.

In addition, Eagle Eye Networks Open API platform enables integration such as license plate recognition so users can easily manage access to gates and barriers, and search images, videos, and information with a centralised system, and access control so that security professionals can manage events in real time with streamlined access control and video surveillance from a single user interface.


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