Dallmeier video security takes care of Heads of State in Munich

Regensburg, Germany

Image credit: Dallmeier

Dallmeier electronic, a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions, and its subsidiary Dallmeier Systems GmbH were responsible for the video surveillance at the 2024 Munich Security Conference (MSC) with their innovative video technology. The MSC 2024, which took place for the sixtieth time from 16 to 18 February 2024, brought together more than 50 heads of state and more than 100 ministers from more than 100 countries in Munich to discuss important security issues.

An event such as the Munich Security Conference places special demands on security technology. In addition to specific indoor areas of the “Bayerischer Hof” and “Rosewood” hotels, extensive outdoor areas such as access roads and public squares have to be monitored so that the emergency services can maintain an overview at all times, even in potentially complex situations. Thanks to its patented “multifocal sensor technology”, the technology of the Regensburg-based manufacturer Dallmeier is particularly suitable for these special requirements.

Patented multifocal sensor technology

The technology supplied is a comprehensive system comprising over 30 conventional video cameras from the company’s Domera family and several multifocal sensor cameras from the Panomera range. With up to eight lenses and video sensors in one optical unit, the Panomera camera provides a particularly good overview of large spatial contexts with consistently high resolution, even in distant image areas. As a result, only five Panomera systems, supplemented by three single-sensor cameras, are required to cover the entire outdoor area of the security conference.

AI in action

The experts from Dallmeier Systems GmbH installed three masts with video technology, which are operated in parallel and independently of the police system. This installation gives the security service a comprehensive overview of the relevant zones. Inside the two venues, specific areas are covered in order to monitor the flow of people and gatherings in individual rooms in addition to the overall view. The latter is made possible by AI-based video analysis in the cameras.

The solution consists of workstations that can access the Semsy Compact video management system with processed maps, multi-display and dashboard functionality. The images and data are delivered to the MSC security managers in real time and are available to the MSC security managers in the control centre. Dallmeier Systems provided on-site technical staff throughout the event to ensure smooth operation.

The Regensburg-based manufacturer Dallmeier electronic was chosen because of its long-standing presence and successful cooperation in the police sector, including installations at the Munich Police Headquarters (PPM), the Oktoberfest and installations in numerous Bavarian cities, including Ingolstadt, Augsburg, Regensburg and Würzburg.

“We are very proud to be able to make an important contribution to the safety of the participants and the success of the 60th Munich Security Conference with video technology ‘Made in Germany’,” says Roland Feil, Managing Director of Dallmeier Systems GmbH, which was commissioned with the implementation and support. “Our technology not only offers high-resolution surveillance with maximum overview and situation control, but also advanced functions such as people counting and the option to raise an alarm in the event of certain incidents thanks to AI-based analysis techniques.”


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