Dahua uses Essen to highlight AI-powered smart solutions

Hangzhou, China

Dahua Technology recently showed a high profile at Security Essen 2018 in Germany with a featured  theme of “AI Creates Value”, where the company presented its innovative technologies, and highlighted its products and AI-powered smart solutions.

With continuous investment in AI, Dahua Technology demonstrated that it has the capability to carry out a series of advanced AI technology applications including the Dahua Deepsense series of products and other smart solutions such as Safe City. In addition, some unique technologies were also presented, including HDCVI 4.0, Video Cloud, Smart H.265+encoding and EPOE & EoC technology. 

The company presented a comprehensive product portfolio including a 3MP dual-lens people counting AI network camera, 2MP Starlight HDCVI IR dual-lens camera, small apartment 2-wire video intercom system, 4x8MP muilti-sensor panoramic bullet network camera, and AI-driven IP camera DH-IPC-HFW8242F-FR, AI network video recorder DH-IVSS7008-1T and floor standing digital signage LDV49-SAI200, also joined the fleet of Dahua Technology’s exhibition at Essen.

The 3MP dual-lens people counting AI network camera, IPC-HDW8341-3D, is a member of the Dahua Deepsense series family. Based on the deep learning algorithms supported by the Movidius chip, and dual lens and dual sensor design, this product enables quick image information extraction from high resolution videos for people counting, which achieves extremely high accuracy, of up to 98%. The camera can be widely used in market entrance and exit management, station/airport checking system, banking, retail and other scenes with the demand of people counting.

The 2MP Starlight HDCVI IR dual-lens camera, HAC-HDW2241M-E2, combined with 1/2.8” high performance megapixel CMOS image sensor, can support 1080P HD output of images. In addition, the fixed lens with dual eyeball, which can be adjustable individually, enables product’s flexibility. Besides, the particular structure makes the camera suitable for the applications of various scenes, such as corridor turn, hallway, wall corner, entrance, etc.

As being part of Dahua Technology’s highlighted products, the small apartment 2 wire video intercom system offers models of VTO2000A-C-2, VTO2000A-B5, VTNS1006A-2, and VTH5222CH for users' option.  VTO2000A-C-2, the 2-wire camera module, is the main part of Dahua 2-wire outdoor station. Combined with VTNS1006A-2 (2-wire switch) and VTH5222CH (2-wire indoor station), an old analogue system can be easily upgraded without any rewiring cost. Non-polarised 2 wires are quite convenient for installer’s deployment.

The 4x8MP multi-sensor panoramic bullet network camera, IPC-PF83230-A180, combined with H.265 codec, starlight and all-in-one design, offers the maximum resolution up to 32M. Based on its superior performance, some monitoring requirements can be better satisfied, and suitable for specific places such as football field, bank, city, parking lot, etc.

Dahua also introduced Smart Retail 2.0 and Smart Logistics to the visitors at the show. Powered by AI Dahua Smart Retail 2.0 is all about the integration of a conventional security system with newly developed intelligent functionalities. It includes 5 smart application scenarios: Smart Entrance & Exit, Shelf advertising, Checkout Counter Prevention, Operation Analysis and Remote Patrol, which successfully cover the conventional safety concerns of clients whilst also enabling more possibilities for business intelligence.

Combining mature logistics industry solutions with machine vision core products, Dahua Technology was also presenting a new model of “AI+ Logistics”. This rotating code scanning platform is a dynamic integrated display for code reading applications within the logistics industry.

Dahua Safe City and Smart Residential solutions were also part of the smart solutions introduced at the exhibition, and completed the full picture of Dahua Technology’s smart life initiatives.


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