Brickcom steps up with enhancement to H.265

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Brickcom, a leading IP surveillance camera manufacturer based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, has taken the decision to enhance its product line-up with H.265 encoding.

According to the company this technology will not only enable clients to solve the issue of storage space, but it will even more importantly raise the image quality, enabling more detail of scenes from the playback.

It is proven that the bitrate of H.265 is 50% less than that of H.264 encoding.  This means the Brickcom S series IP cameras can substantially save storage space for more video footage, and are able to give the same bitrate whist at the same time obtaining more detail from the scenes being monitored.

Brickcom's new S series includes model numbers: FB-200Ap-S, FB-H200Np-S-WDRPro, VD-200Np-S, MD-200Np-S, OB-200Ne-S, OB-E200Nf-S, OB-200Np-S, OSD-200Np-S-30X, OSD-200Np-SWL33X, and OSD-400Ap-S 20X. 


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