Brainchip highlights neuromorphic computer solutions at MPSoC

San Francisco, Ca (USA)

Brainchip Holdings Ltd. recently participated at the semiconductor design and software engineering forum MPSoC (multiprocessor system-on-chip) held at the Cliff Lodge in Snowbird, Utah, USA.

Peter van der Made, the founder and CTO of Brainchip, was among 60 world-class AI developers and researchers speaking at the event, where discussed in-depth the unique, energy efficient and versatile spiking neural network (SNN) approach taken by Brainchip.

Commonly referred to as neuromorphic computing, Brainchip’s high performance SNN platform is a type of artificial neural network that emulates the functionality of the human brain's synapses and neurons.

Unique to Brainchip’s SNN is the ability to learn rapidly from small data sets, and to continue learning ‘in the field’ making it applicable to many end-market applications including vision systems for civil surveillance, autonomous vehicles, robotics and drones, financial technology and cyber security. Brainchip Studio, which uses one-shot learning, is a market solution already in deployment helping law enforcement agencies and government departments to rapidly analyse vast amounts of video footage for object search and facial classification.

The MPSoC forum is an annual US-based software-defined hardware event focusing on profiling new software and hardware architectures, design technologies and semiconductor manufacturing innovation serving computing and distributed networked systems.


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