Aviotec video-based fire detection wins another award

Mumbai, India

The Bosch Aviotec video-based detection technology wins its 7th innovation award in Mumbai.

At the Finest Skills & Talents (FIST) Awards 2022 in the Indian capital Mumbai, the Aviotec innovative video-based fire detection technology from Bosch was recently named Product of the Year in the Fire Detection category and presented with the renowned FIST Award – India’s number one fire safety and security accolade.

“Bosch Aviotec is the latest and fastest way of detecting fire as compared to any traditional fire detection system. The AI-based algorithms enable detection of flames and smoke in no time, resulting in the saving of lives and assets,” says Pankaj Dharkar, who is on the panel of judges and a member of the Advisory Council of the Fire and Security Association of India (FSAI). This organisation presents the awards annually, together with the PwC auditing and consulting firm.

Seven awards and counting

The FIST Award 2022 takes the number of prestigious awards Aviotec has received to seven. The highlight to date in terms of international accolades, it has given the team responsible a particular boost. “Awards for our technology reflect the recognition and appreciation of the markets and are therefore a reliable indicator for decision-makers,” says Theresa Kramer, Aviotec Global Business Developer at Bosch. Its speed and accuracy make Aviotec a particularly reliable and innovative smoke and flame detection solution, even in difficult conditions such as industrial environments with high fire loads, vast buildings with high ceilings, and protected outdoor areas. This is possible thanks to video analysis controlled by AI algorithms that visually detects smoke and flames directly at their source. As a result, Aviotec reacts much faster than conventional ceiling-mounted fire detectors where the smoke has to rise far enough before the alarm is triggered. This speed is a vital advantage when every second counts. Safety and security personnel can verify the alarm in the video image and pinpoint the exact location of the fire. “Aviotec will revolutionize fire detection in applications involving high ceilings and open spaces,” insists FSAI Vice Chairman C. K. Asher.

Award-winning and certified solution

Besides winning various awards, Aviotec is also the first VdS-certified product of its kind. VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is an independent, internationally recognised institution for corporate security that establishes international guidelines based on agreed regulations. VdS approval carries great weight and is a key criterion when it comes to making an investment.


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