Assa Abloy adds cloud management to Incedo access solution

London, UK

Incedo Business Cloud offers a solution to the many daily challenges of access management.

Incedo access management from Assa Abloy Opening Solutions is created for businesses that need a flexible security solution which grows with them. Incedo Business Cloud offers a solution to the many daily challenges of access management, and managers no longer need to be on-site to handle day-to-day security. Incedo Business Cloud operates securely 24/7 from any PC with an internet connection. 

Installing the system is designed to be easy, with no complex integrations needed. Software updates are regular and automatic, with real-time reports and analytics available with a few clicks.

Incedo Business Cloud works out of the box via a cost-efficient subscription service. Onboarding is fast and hassle free, and user data is safeguarded via an Information Security Management System certified to ISO/IEC 27001.

According to the Wireless Access Control Report 2021, over a third of companies now use cloud-based management to power their access control. This proportion is likely to grow in the years ahead, as working practices become ever more mobile and the notion of being “at work” describes a state of being, rather than a specific place. Indeed, another recent report, according to Assa Abloy, finds 78% of IT decision-makers anticipate growing their reliance on cloud solutions going forward.

A cloud solution makes access management easier and more convenient, helping companies to design security administration processes which are streamlined, location-independent and efficient. For any size of organisation, switching to Incedo Business Cloud implements this powerful access control with no high upfront costs and ongoing cost-effectiveness.

“A cloud software solution makes budgeting more predictable for facility and security managers,” says Kevin Hoare, EAC Product Unit Director at Assa Abloy Opening Solutions EMEA. “It removes the need to hire additional in-house IT support and maintenance teams: you know ahead of time how much resource to allocate and can scale infrastructure up or down quickly. The business benefits of ‘managing access rights from anywhere’ drive ever greater demand for cloud solutions within security and beyond.”

“Survey data shows the way companies manage access control will continue to be a mixed picture, with both locally hosted and off-site cloud solutions for access control as a service,” he adds. “This is why, when launching our Incedo ecosystem, we give users the choice.” Migration between Incedo’s local and cloud management options is always seamless in any direction, ensuring total flexibility for any business.

Incedo Business Cloud offers a modular, platform approach making both procurement and operation simpler. Managers choose the security hardware and credentials they need together with the appropriate management system. Assa Abloy wireless digital locks and wired wall readers secure the doors. A choice of card and token credentials — or mobile keys on a smartphone — offers safe and convenient access to, and movement around, the premises.

New Incedo-enabled hardware from Assa Abloy and third-party providers will continue to be made available within the evolving Incedo ecosystem. Add doors or locations, and switch between local and cloud management, as often as required. Incedo offers guaranteed flexibility and scalability in every direction, promising to meet security needs today and in the future.

“This latest enhancement of our Incedo solution makes comprehensive, real-time, remote access management into a reality. Incedo will keep premises secure and filter access intelligently, to manage the ever-changing movement of people across multiple sites — from anywhere. Your business is not static, and there is no reason why your security should be.” says Stephanie Ordan, VP Digital and Access Solutions at Assa Abloy Opening Solutions


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