Truck specific AI Box and AI camera from JPP

Kaoshiung, Taiwan

Josefina Pan Pacific Limited, branded as JPP Taiwan since 1997, has recently launched its newly developed cutting-edge intelligent products the AI Box & AI Cam. They are designed based on optical technology combining the advanced detection and vision into a single yet smart camera & box.

The AI Cam has a built-in 180°-wide viewing detection range to trigger pre-alert via audio buzzer; the visual warnings enhance drivers to pay more attention on any obstacles to come, especially those at blind spots upon side turning of heavy duty vehicle for better on road safety. This will bring up protection to pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. 

The AI Cam is available for CVBS or AHD signal (NTSC & PAL) in options; buyers have to indicate one upon ordering.  It offers 180° pre-detection range on  side and/or rear viewing mirror for moving and fixed objects on the road. The AI Cam is designed to equip an ultra-wide angle (1.2MP) lens, audible alarm, 30 ft extension cable, and supports a wide power supply (8V - 24V). It is calibration free and according to JPP has an IP68 waterproof rating on its mechanism.

Another new development is the AI Box. The AI Box is an extended design from the AI Cam to support the current on-hand cameras for front/ side/ rear view blind spot detection & zoom-in closer view function via a film switcher. It is a high value driving aid for private cars, trucks, mini buses, trailers, mining vehicles, forklift and so on. To enhance vehicle safety, the AI Box offers a good option to simply upgrade the current, typical cameras into the smart AI-driven ones with better side/rear viewing condition.


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