Vivotek partners Trend Micro on cyber security

Taipei, Taiwan

Vivotek and Trend Micro, a global leader in cyber security solutions, have agreed a strategic partnership to offer cutting-edge cyber defence solutions. With Vivotek’s profound experience in IP surveillance and Trend Micro’s extensive expertise in cyber security, the partnership enables users to enjoy higher levels of network security when deploying Vivotek’s network cameras and strengthen defences in response to the emerging security challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT). The brand new Vivotek cyber security enhanced products will be launched by the end of January and will be revealed at Intersec, in Dubai over the next few days.

Dr. Steve Ma, Vice president of Vivotek Brand Business Research & Development Division, commented, “Our approach requires a tight integration between hardware-based security features and software applications. Joining forces with Trend Micro is a vital step and together we are proud to roll out the first cyber security enhanced network cameras in the IP surveillance industry. Thanks to Trend Micro IoT security for surveillance cameras (TMIS-CAM) solution, these cameras are able to automatically detect and prevent credential attack and block suspicious events. Both parties are committed to reduce security vulnerabilities, and develop a safety net for the IoT ecosystem.”

“As more and more network cameras connecting to Internet for cloud-related services,” said Dr. Terence Liu, Vice president of Network Threat Defense Technology Group at Trend Micro, “securing the cameras from a network security perspective is getting vital. The cooperation with Vivotek demonstrates an effective and practical approach of IoT security by combining deep knowledge of cameras and network threats.”


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