Denmark's largest indoor go-kart track chooses Vivotek solution

Taipei, Taiwan and Copenhagen, Denmark

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Racehall, located in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark, is renowned as the world's longest indoor go-karting track facility, offering an unparalleled experience to all its visitors. When it needed to overcome some security challenges Racehall turned to Vivotek, and the project was executed by the company's partner, ITV Security, under the guidance of CEO Martin Kristensen.

Racehall is for everyone, big or small, amateurs or professionals; it is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of visitors' experience is exceptional. This commitment includes maintaining high standards of quality equipment, prioritising safety, and offering top-notch service.

Dealing with challenges without disruption

Ensuring the safety and security of patrons and the facility is a top priority for Racehall. Given the size and popularity of Racehall’s go-karting tracks, addressing security challenges effectively was imperative. These challenges included protecting Racehall’s assets, such as high-end go-karts, valuable equipment, indoor facilities, the outdoor parking lot, and the outdoor fuel tank area.  They also needed a system to deal with limited coverage leading to potential blind spots and security vulnerabilities and to address the lack of precise data for informed business decisions. Balancing security measures without disrupting the enjoyment of visitors was also an important factor, and maintaining a high level of security without compromising the enjoyable experience, while preventing incidents and enhancing the overall safety of visitors.

Effective asset protection

Vivotek's security solutions played a crucial role in safeguarding Racehall's valuable assets, including go-karts and equipment. High-resolution video feeds and instant alerts were instrumental in identifying and responding to any suspicious activities, extending to the protection of the outdoor fuel tank area. The explosion-proof camera system provides an added layer of security, allowing continuous monitoring of the fuel tank without compromising safety standards.

The installation called for the strategic deployment of Vivotek state-of-the-art surveillance cameras across the facility, ensuring complete coverage. The 180-degree surveillance effectively covered expansive areas like the parking lot without blind spots, minimizing installation costs.

Optimising  performance and seamless integration

Vivotek's people counting camera provided Racehall with invaluable data to make informed decisions for optimising business performance. Strategic planning of staffing levels and tailored promotional activities became more precise, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The solution seamlessly blended into the Racehall experience, ensuring that security measures did not compromise the enjoyment of visitors. The installation of high-quality, high-resolution 4K cameras on the track allowed for track racing playback, enhancing the overall experience for visitors without disrupting the entertainment factor.

Effective surveillance with Vast 

Vivotek's VSS Pro Video Management System (VMS) and Central Management System (CMS) played a pivotal role in optimising Racehall's security infrastructure. The VSS Pro VMS/CMS streamlined surveillance management, allowing centralised control and monitoring of multiple cameras across the facility. This centralised approach not only enhanced real-time monitoring capabilities but also facilitated quick responses to security incidents, ensuring a proactive and efficient security system.

Elevated security and sustained environment

"We were absolutely delighted to roll up our sleeves and work closely with Racehall to bring the Vivotek surveillance solution into play. It's been a fantastic experience to see how our dedication to crafting tailor-made security solutions has met with Racehall's wishes and needs. We've worked hand in hand to create a safer and more entertaining experience for Racehall's visitors." says Martin Kristensen, CEO of ITV Security

In conclusion, Vivotek's partnership with Racehall and ITV Security enabled the comprehensive addressing and overcoming of security challenges in this case. The implementation of Vivotek's surveillance solutions has not only elevated the safety and security of the facility but has also played a crucial role in sustaining the joy and excitement that define the Racehall experience. This collaboration helps Racehall take pride in continuing to deliver a world-class go-karting experience for all our visitors, prioritising their safety and peace of mind.


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