Bringing large scale surveillance to leading logistics firm

Kyoto, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan

One of Japan’s biggest logistics companies with the large warehouses and an expansive network has introduced a large-scale surveillance system featuring Vivotek’s surveillance cameras. Since its inception in the Meiji period, the logistics company has been responsible for sea transport of historic events such as the Olympics and World Expo, expanded both domestic and overseas logistics bases, and proposed latest IT-based logistics solutions, responding to the broad needs of different sectors.

The company’s logistics centre currently has over 2,000 branches across Japan. Building the security surveillance system in the warehouses enables centralised monitoring of all branches, ensuring smoother and smarter operations of the existing logistics system.

Increasing volume and decreasing manpower 

With e-commerce sites thriving in recent years, the logistics industry has also seen increased absolute quantity of cargoes; however, the industry also faces a chronic issue of insufficient manpower due to low birthrate. Introducing IT to logistics system to enhance the efficiency of the overall process has become an important element of streamlined and smooth services.

The first objective of introducing the Vivotek video surveillance system is to achieve centralised monitoring from the head office in Kyoto and unified management of warehouses at various locations for greater efficiency; also, the company hopes to minimize the number of surveillance cameras while ensuring comprehensive monitoring of a vast, 36,363-square-metre site, effectively lowering the cost. Moreover, the logistics company hopes to utilise the cameras to capture videos with zero blind spots when transporting and stacking pallets, and requires that the system be introduced before an agreed upon date.

Combined effort

Vivotek joins forces with partner company Takebishi Corporation to establish a large-scale security surveillance system integrated through VAST 2 (VMS manufactured by Vivotek; as below video shown). Inside the warehouses, a total of 105 FE9380-HV cameras are installed for 360-degree surveillance of pallet-stacking operations, to ensure no blind spots, and 14 IB9368-HT bullet network cameras are installed on the perimeter, where the focus and focal length can be adjusted even after installation; there are two units of NVR ND 9425P in the warehouse office that record videos captured by these cameras. Moreover, three units of NVR NS9521 are introduced, which are equipped with VAST 2 that can coordinate all the above-mentioned surveillance devices for centralized recording, management, and access.

From the perspective of system establishment, the benefit of 360-degree surveillance camera is that the client needs just one camera to capture the panoramic view, and it is also easy to select the spots of installation; moreover, compared to other companies, Vivotek not only can meet the client’s need of a short delivery period, but also provides sufficient inquiry channel, offering the client a peace of mind. These values have become key factors to the client’s ultimate decision to introduce Vivotek surveillance solution.

Less cameras but wider coverage

Vivotek cooperates with Takebishi for the installation of the system, offering surveillance of a vast site with minimum cost, as well as videos with zero blind spots during stacking of pallets. The client can monitor all sites from the Kyoto head office and overcome the limitations of installation period. Vivotek is able to deliver a solution that satisfies most of the client’s requirements.

According to the company, most of the other companies proposed systems featuring mainly bullet cameras or dome surveillance cameras, but these solutions required larger quantities of cameras and would be more expensive, exceeding the client’s budget. By using Vivotek’s 360-degree surveillance cameras, the number of cameras is reduced by half. The warehouses have large surface areas, and there were spots that had been difficult to monitor in the past. With the introduction of this system, all corners on the sites are covered.


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