Vitaprotech acquires Vauban Systems

Lyon, France

Vitaprotech is continuing its European development with the acquisition of Vauban Systems, the specialist in “100% made in France" access control products and systems. This acquisition, which is the third one to be completed by the Group in the past three months, after ARD and Tdsi allows the Vitaprotech Group to double the size of its access control activity and achieve a consolidated turnover of more than 50 million Euros, positioning it as a European leader.

This acquisition allows Vitaprotech to complete its offer with innovative, connected access control solutions. Thanks to Vauban Systems, Vitaprotech boosts its presence in the distribution market in France and Europe, after entering that market in the UK, Asia and the Middle East with the acquisition of Tdsi last month.

Created in 2009, Vauban Systems is positioned as a designer of biometric readers and hardware, publisher of monitoring software, and provider of technical services. Its solutions power biometric identification and recognition systems, Web-based visitor management, paid-access systems, vehicle license plate recognition, and other applications. The company also has an accredited training centre for its 3,000 referenced installers.

"This agreement with Vauban Systems is an opportunity for an internationally oriented group to join forces with a fast-growing French company anchored in innovation and connected solutions. Our companies complement each other in many ways, including product development, sales staff, and management. This acquisition fits very naturally with our growth momentum which has now positioned us as the leader in our market."

Eric Thord, President of Vitaprotech Group said, "We will have the support of loyal, experienced, technical and management teams. The founders will take on operational management roles at Vitaprotech Group and will invest in the project as shareholders.

"This acquisition enables us to pass an essential milestone for the company, founded only 10 years ago, and to ensure its continuing development. Vitaprotech Group has in-depth knowledge of the access control business and we have the assurance of continuity, both for our internal teams and for our customers." explained Jean-Claude Bultel, President of Vauban Systems.


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