Three way merger creates pan-Nordic distributor

Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden

The owners of Danish companies Danzafe Gruppen and Hansen Lellinge as well as Swedish AXS Nordic are merging their companies and forming Hardware Group A/S, a new Nordic group of supplier-independent wholesalers specialising in fittings, locks, security products and glass solutions.

The companies of the Hardware Group will continue as self-governing entities, with local management and all founding entrepreneurs still on board. The Group will lead initiatives, kicking off the development of strategic and economic synergies.

"We share the ambition of becoming bigger and stronger in the Nordics, in order to better develop our businesses. The merger lays the ground for long-term financial stability, interesting jobs and an even stronger offering to our customers and suppliers. At the same time, we can serve our customers and suppliers as they increasingly work internationally", says Jørn Lund, CEO of Hansen Lellinge A/S and now CEO of Hardware Group A/S as well.

Board of Directors with strategic expertise

The Board of Directors will play a central role in developing the position of the Group. In addition to Jørn Lund, the Board of Directors will consist of the other company owners: Larry Örneholt and Johnny Anckar from AXS Nordic AB as well as Bo Fensmark and Johny Andersen from Danzafe Gruppen A/S. Furthermore, two strong external profiles are associated: attorney Helle Jørgsholm, former chairman of Danzafe Gruppen and Kenneth Marx, CEO of Jetpak Group. Kenneth Marx will take the position as chairman of the board of Hardware Group.

"The founding owners are all passionate industry experts, who have proven their ability to develop highly healthy companies. There are great ambitions in this new group, and I look very much forward to contributing with my expertise, securing structure, pace and direction", says Kenneth Marx.

Employees are the most valuable asset

The right skills are decisive for technical wholesalers in an everyday life offering ever increasing demands for product knowledge, commercial cleverness and logistics offering. The new Group will count 125 employees spread across multiple locations in Greater Copenhagen, as well as in Kolding, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Industry professionals for the majority, who are bringing together several hundreds of years of experience within the new Group.

"We will continue to build on our DNA, which is very similar and based on a committed and personal approach to customers, suppliers and employees. We are now joining forces with like-minded industry professionals, who are also passionate about value creation through people, and with commercial cleverness, service and professional knowledge at the forefront. Our employees can safely look forward to working in a larger organisation, allowing for people to inspire and challenge each other", says Bo Fensmark.


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