Systemshouse partners with Precise Biometrics

Stockholm, Sweden

A new collaboration between Systemhouse Solutions and Precise Biometrics enables facial recognition to be the identification token of a Card Holder - the user is the key while Integra security platform controls the access privileges.

Integra version 8.20 supports easy and standardised integration with Precise Youniq facial identification and onboarding solution. Users simply send in a selfie and the integrated solution connects them as their own identification key to their existing Card Holder privileges in the Integra access control platform.

“The integration between Systemhouse Solutions Integra system and Precise Biometrics provides the opportunity to maintain access control administration within one system with instant updates of changes at the same time as opening up for a multitude of ways of identification”, says Jonas Ahlgren, sales manager at Systemhouse Solutions.

“The collaboration with Systemhouse is another milestone in the commercialisation of Youniq and in line with our strategy to partner with quality platform providers to increase our sales reach. Integra has the capacity to control and monitor large complex enterprises as well as smaller businesses and is a highly appreciated system among customers. Together with Youniq it will be a perfect match for companies who wishes to simplify access for employees and visitors and enhance convenience and security”, said Stefan K. Persson, CEO of Precise.

With Precise Youniq facial identification solution users have a convenient and secure identification that works both online and offline, and they need no longer worry about losing an access card, they are the key.


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