Smiths wins contract for luggage scanners at Gatwick airport

London, UK

Image courtesy of Smiths Detection

Following an extensive trial, Smiths Detection has been awarded contracts to supply London Gatwick with Hi-Scan 6040 CTIX carry-on baggage CT X-ray scanners that will be phased in on all security lanes throughout the airport.

Major UK airports have been given a deadline of mid-2024 by the UK government to install computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanners.

Due to the new regulations and the scanner’s computed tomography (CT) 3D X-ray technology, over 30 million passengers who use Gatwick every year will be able to leave liquids and electronics in their bags. The introduction of the scanners will also see the 100ml limit on liquids removed, allowing travellers to bring a wider range of products with them through a much quicker security screening process.

This is due to the CT scanner enabling passengers to leave liquids and laptops in their bags, 3D rotatable images helping security personnel quickly identify potential threats, and a belt speed of 0.2m/s, which helps improve the speed with which passengers pass through security. Smiths Detection also worked closely with London Gatwick to design the concept of operation for passenger security as to provide the highest level of safety, operational efficiency and the optimal customer experience.

Additional features of the Hi-Scan 6040 CTIX include low levels of energy consumption, low noise levels and zero vibration to improve the checkpoint experience for both passengers and security operators.

Andy Evripides, Head of Market UK and Ireland, Smiths Detection said: “We are delighted to be supplying London Gatwick with our industry-leading CT scanner. Following 18 months of on-site testing, our technology achieved the highest throughput, meaning more passengers can pass through security faster while delivering the highest level of security.”

Cyrus Dana, Head of Airport Security, London Gatwick said: "Our top priority is the safety of our passengers and the security of the airport. This cutting-edge, new generation of technology will ensure a safe and robust experience for our passengers. The new equipment is both safer and greener and we look forward to phasing it out across London Gatwick. We continue to work to drive efficiency and resilience throughout the airport and give every passenger an enjoyable and effortless experience.”


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