Securing swimming pools with Lidar technology

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The Optex Redscsan Lidar Detector Series offers a powerful and reliable solution for swimming pool security. These Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) detectors utilise time-of-flight technology to create precise detection zones around the pool.

Swimming pools provide a refreshing escape year-round, whether they're at a private residence, hotel complex, or public recreation center. However, they can also be vulnerable to intrusions. From trespassers seeking a late-night swim to individuals with more malicious intent, having a dependable security system in place is crucial for protecting your pool area.

By bouncing laser pulses off objects and measuring the time it takes for the light to return, Lidar technology in the Redscan models is able to effectively distinguish real threats from false alarms, unlike, according to Optex, traditional motion detectors susceptible to shadows or small animals.

Advanced long-range protection

The Redscan Pro can be a great option for larger pool areas. It can detect intruders at a range of up to 330 feet (100 metres), which means it can cover the entire pool area and beyond. The Redscan Pro also features multiple detection zones, so you can customise the sensitivity and target size for each zone. This means a more sensitive zone around the pool itself can be created and a less sensitive zone around the perimeter. To further enhance security and incident verification, the Redscan Pro also integrates a built-in camera. This camera captures images or video footage upon triggering an alarm, providing valuable visual evidence for security personnel.

Compact and versatile

The Redscan mini-Pro on the other hand, is a compact and versatile option perfect for outdoor or indoor pools. It can detect intruders at a range of up to 100 feet (30 metres). The Redscan mini-Pro also features a built-in FHD camera, so users can visually verify any alarms.

Benefits of Redscan Lidar detectors for pool security

  • Accurate detection and tracking: Leveraging time-of-flight technology, both Redscan models provide highly accurate detection, including real-time tracking of an intrusion's X and Y coordinates. This precise information allows security personnel to pinpoint the exact location of a threat and take immediate action.
  • Reduced false alarms: Unlike traditional motion detectors susceptible to shadows or small animals, Lidar technology excels at distinguishing real threats from false alarms.
  • Long-range protection: The Redscan Pro offers extended coverage for larger pool areas, while the Redscan mini-Pro remains effective in smaller spaces.
  • Customisable detection zones: Both models allow you to customise sensitivity and target size for each detection zone, enabling you to tailor your security system to your specific needs.
  • Visual monitoring: The Redscan mini-Pro features a built-in camera for visual verification of alarms. The Redscan Pro can also integrate with external cameras for further verification options.

In addition, both the Redscan models are ONVIF Profile S compliant, ensuring seamless integration with compatible network video management systems (VMS) or other IP devices for centralised monitoring and control.

The Optex Redscan Lidar detector Series offers a powerful and reliable solution for year-round poolside protection. This advanced technology offers to go beyond traditional motion detectors, ensuring accurate detection and reduced false alarms. 


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