Schneider group secures with Mobotix technology

Langmeil, Germany

The Schneider Group, based in Grabenstätt/Erlstätt, has the mammoth task of providing security for its customers and employees as well as monitoring and protecting its DIY stores against theft on a daily basis. It was therefore a top priority that the Group update its security and surveillance system as part of its digitalisation strategy.

"Introducing digital solutions into our locations is one of our biggest challenges," explains Martin Wohlmayer, Head of IT and Organization at Jos. Schneider GmbH. "We're well on our way to bringing our retail and wholesale stores into a digitalised future, focusing exclusively on reliable, future-proof solutions that are cyber-safe and 100% GDPR-compliant," says Wohlmayer. This was the starting point going into initial consultations with IT service provider CN H&D GmbH, in which they discussed a new security and monitoring system for Hagebaumarkt stores.

It quickly became clear that the existing system would need to be replaced with a solution that included Mobotix cameras. "Our forward-looking approach involves checking all our current investments to see whether the new systems are flexible, open, expandable and secure with regard to future challenges. It quickly became clear that a Mobotix system would be the best way to meet our requirements," explains Matthias Ziegleder, Managing Director of CN H&D GmbH. The focus of the ongoing project in Traunstein is on installing Mobotix systems in the ninth Hagebaumarkt store in the Schneider Group. There are currently 134 Mobotix cameras already in use, all of which are integrated into the Mxmanagementcenter.

A total of 19 Mobotix cameras have been installed in Traunstein, as well as the Mxthinclient for communicating with customers. This system has been connected to the central Mxmanagementcenter. Nine cameras have been installed to monitor and secure outdoor facilities, including parking lots. These specialised outdoor cameras provide crystal-clear images day or night throughout the year, meaning that any incidents in the Hagebaumarkt parking lots can easily be traced.

Inside the store, ten Mobotix cameras monitor the sales floor. This helps determine the cause of any discrepancies in stock levels, which are usually due to theft.

The MxManagementCenter (MxMC) is Mobotix's powerful, intuitive video management system for Windows and MacOS and is fully GDPR-compliant, with each user only having access to the video footage assigned to their profile. The data is remotely secured on the Mobotix cameras, providing highly effective protection against even the most complex and sophisticated cyber attacks.

The Mxthinclient completes the solution in the Schneider Group's Hagebaumarkt stores. The PoE-powered network device is the intelligent, easy-to-use MOBOTIX solution for viewing the live feed from the cameras on a monitor or TV equipped with an HDMI port.

"We plan to equip the remaining four Hagebaumarkt stores with the Mobotix solution and are working to develop and implement a mobile solution for targeted surveillance in known 'theft hotspots.' These cameras will be connected to their own company-wide Mobotix Wifi network and can be moved at any time to monitor specific hotspots in the store," says Ziegleder, explaining the plans for the project.

"The Mobotix system ensures security for us and our customers, and we'll gradually be starting to implement the other capabilities offered by the system." says Matthias Ziegleder. 


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