Quanergy 3D Lidar proves its value at ME army barracks

San Jose, Ca (USA)

Image courtesy of Quanergy

Quanergy Solutions, Inc., has not only successfully implemented its groundbreaking 3D Lidar security solution at an undisclosed but prominent army barracks in the Middle East, resulting in a significant reduction in false alarms and, according to the company, the accurate detection of true intrusion attempts on the base.

The country’s military had long faced challenges with the barrack’s existing perimeter intrusion detection system, which relied on camera-based analytics and thermal cameras. This outdated system produced a high number of false alarms, leading to alarm fatigue that masked genuine intrusion threats.

Quanergy stepped in, deploying its unified 3D Lidar sensor and advanced perception software solution, Q-Track, to pinpoint the exact location of a potential intrusion while tracking the direction and speed at which an intruder is moving. This near-perfect data was then ingested by the army’s Video Management System (VMS) to generate real-time, accurate alerts. The result was a hyper-accurate, flexible solution that allowed the army to deploy sensors over a diverse terrain with assorted elevations and suboptimal lighting.

The deployed Q-Track solution underwent rigorous testing wherein hundreds of intrusion attempts were simulated by military personnel, including fence-jumping and tunnel-digging, in both daylight and complete darkness. Quanergy’s highly accurate Lidar system was proven to detect all true intrusion attempts made by the military personnel, exponentially reducing false alarms and their associated risks.

Quanergy’s 3D Lidar security solutions are currently deployed at hundreds of critical infrastructure sites around the world, addressing a wide spectrum of mission-critical applications including perimeter intrusion detection, server rack and cabinet security, mobile security towers, mantrap/vestibule access controls, rooftop security, and more.


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