Pure PSIM helps bridge the gap between risk and budget

Dallas, Tx (USA)

At ASIS in Dalls this week, CNL Software is demonstrating how it’s pure focus on PSIM technology facilitates efficiency and cost savings through integration and automation and by maximizing the longevity of existing subsystems, promoting subsystem and openness.

Today, organisations across the globe are battling with increasing security risks with tightening security budgets, often leaving people, infrastructure, and commerce at risk. Fortunately, technology is helping to bridge this gap for security professionals, creating force multiplier scenarios to help leverage visual and data based intelligence, and optimise resourcing.

For almost a decade, Ipsecuritycenter has been helping secure major cities, government buildings and military installations; protect public and private critical infrastructure; help public and private corporations manage risk and protect assets; and keep transportation facilities and networks operational and the people that rely on them safe in North America. Ipsecuritycenter is helping to enable a new era of security, providing unprecedented intelligence and information correlation capabilities, enabling organisations to best leverage Big Data, Social Media, and the Internet of Things.

“We look forward to a great show and to meeting our customers and industry peers in Dallas. This year we will be showcasing some of our latest Ipsecuritycenter developments, including an enhanced Windows client with interactive dashboards; and automated Ipsecuritycenter client update, which improves sustainability and allows for the efficient upgrading of Ipsecuritycenter clients across the network. We also have completely new web and mobile clients, as well as many new supported integrations and enhancements to our federated system architecture.” says Mike Mostow, General Manager – Americas at CNL Software. “These Ipsecuritycenter features have been designed to meet the specific operational challenges for our public safety, security, and emergency management customers to help them better visualise risks and resources, facilitate collaboration, and provide seamless and immediate access to all critical data, when and where it is needed.”


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