Maxxess project shortlisted for award

Dubai, U.A.E and Yorba Linda, Ca (USA)

A landmark Dubai development benefiting from advanced Maxxess Efusion integration has gone through to the finals of the hotly contested 2019 Intersec Awards.

Efusion allows rapid integration, off-the-shelf, with a wide choice of security, safety and business-critical technologies and it provides an umbrella management system allowing a high level of service efficiency by removing the need for operators to continually switch between systems.

The Bluewaters Island project, now shortlisted by the Intersec Awards judges, involves one of the most far-reaching and comprehensive deployments of the technology to-date, says Lee Copland, Managing Director EMEA, Maxxess.

“The operating company was looking for the most efficient way to integrate all major security, safety and building management functions, streamlining what is expected to become very large system,” he says. “In other words, they wanted a solution combining front and back of house operations, giving the ability to manage, organise, monitor and control devices from a single platform.”

Maxxess Efusion was chosen because of its ready compatibility with a wide choice of surveillance, intruder, access and fire detection systems enabled a highly efficient level of integration.

The solution is gaining ground and being implemented at a number of upcoming Dubai developments, including hotel, leisure and retail destinations, with several major projects underway in the wider region.

“At Bluewaters Efusion was chosen by the client instead of a more costly PSIM route because it uses versatile, open-technology software not requiring bespoke integration,” says Lee Copland. He adds an advantage of the solution is that it will remain easily scalable as needs change the future.

The award finalists, in ten categories, are assessed by an independent judging panel during three rounds of review, including face-to-face interviews and the winners will be announced in September.


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