Hong Kong focuses on Smart City concepts

Hong Kong, China

Recently, the Hong Kong government has been actively promoting smart city development. To promote better public services through technology, the Efficiency Office and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) hosted the Innovation and Technology Trade Show at the end of April, aimed at introducing the latest I&T solutions to government departments. As a smart city solution provider, OT systems was invited to this trade show to demonstrate the Smart Traffic Control Solution.

On the day, they set up a mobile surveillance station in Hong Kong Science Park, the live video would be sent to the management platform at the hall via a wireless network. Meanwhile, with AI deep-learning, the system would recognise related vehicle information such as vehicle type, speed and number plate, and determine whether there was excessive speeding with alerts to indicate the situation. As a comprehensive traffic control system, crowd control is also important. This system is able to perform people counting and to facilitate a suitable control plan with crowd density analysis.

Mr Calvin Wong, Business Development Director of OT Systems, shared the company's Smart City Solution with the government officers. He also pointed out that, they offer an extensive range of customised Smart City Solutions with various technology and application.

Other than the Smart Traffic Control Solution showed on the day, OT Systems also have a Smart Illegal Dumping Prevention Solution, a Smart Bird Feeding Prevention Solution and a Smart Land Intrusion Solution, etc. Features such as high flexibility of the mobile surveillance station, accuracy of the system with immediate alerts, enhance the efficiency of enforcement and aim to improve people’s lives.


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