Ipsotek gets high-level classification by UK Home Office

London, UK

Ipsotek - a leading UK provider of Video Content Analysis (VCA) solutions - announces that Version 10.1 of its Visual Intelligence Suite has been awarded Primary classification in the UK Home Office's Sterile Zone category. This highest level classification means that Government establishments can use the product as the sole means of Intruder Detection in high security applications. The rating is based on a challenging set of independent performance tests undertaken by the Home UK Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB).

Ipsotek finance director Andrew Eggington says "Ipsotek's Visual Intelligence Suite combines all the necessary Intruder Detection functions into a single system. It reliably detects intruders with a very low false alarm rate. Ipsotek's unique Scenario Based Detection feature takes VCA to new levels of effectiveness. Alerts involve the security system as a whole incorporating inputs from Access Control and other alarm systems. As a result Ipsotek Alerts are robust and rightly trusted by CCTV Operators."

Ipsotek has successfully implemented Visual Intelligence Suite in a number of mission critical applications. These include iconic public locations and high security sites such as data storage facilities, critical infrastructure and a growing number of Airports in Europe and the Middle East.

Visual Intelligence Suite at a glance:

• The solution uses existing CCTV on perimeters and controlled access points and can easily be retrofit, and is highly cost effective

• Simple and efficient configuration procedure by the use of Virtual targets (Patent Pending) and an intuitive Drag and Drop behaviour design GUI.

• The solution operates with integrated scenario based detection which reduces prevalence of false alarms to very low levels compared with traditional systems

• High performance scene dependant object classification capability.

• System architecture provides seamless integration with 3rd party equipment to offer a complete solution to end users.

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