Herta project recognised by the EU Seal of Excellence

Barcelona, Spain

Herta, a leading facial analysis company, is launching "Future", a groundbreaking project in the realm of security technology, and its emergence from the prestigious recognition of EU Seal of Excellence. This acknowledgment underscores Future’s commitment to innovation and excellence in revolutionising the landscape of security technology.

The Future project, developed within the European Union framework, embodies the pinnacle of technological advancement in video surveillance, crowd behaviour analysis and facial recognition systems. This recognition by the EU Seal of Excellence highlights the project's commitment to meeting the highest standards of innovation, sustainability and social impact.

Future’s revolutionary approach to security technology incorporates three core pillars: Video Surveillance on the Edge, Crowd Behaviour Analysis, and Face Recognition of Suspects and Terrorists.

By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and leveraging advanced algorithms, Future aims to redefine security measures by providing real-time threat detection and proactive prevention strategies.

The EU Seal of Excellence, awarded to Future, recognises the project's pioneering efforts in enhancing security while respecting privacy and human rights within the European context. It represents a validation of the project's vision, innovation and potential societal impact.

"We are honoured to receive the EU Seal of Excellence, acknowledging our commitment to technological innovation and ethical security solutions," stated Javier Rodríguez, CEO at Herta. "This recognition fuels our dedication to pushing the boundaries of security technology while ensuring ethical and responsible implementation in safeguarding communities."

According to the company, Future’s commitment to excellence and ethical practices cements its position as a leader in the field of security technology. By harnessing innovation and embracing the values of privacy and human rights, Future continues to spearhead advancements that prioritise safety and security without compromising individual freedoms.


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