Gallagher predicts escalating transition for 2024

Hamilton, New Zealand

Image courtesy of Gallagher

Award-winning global security manufacturer, Gallagher, is sharing insights from its inaugural Security Industry Trends Report, which paints a larger picture of transition on the horizon in 2024.

Following a turbulent year in which supply chain disruptions, labour market shifts, and global financial uncertainty continued to rock the security industry, Gallagher’s Security Industry Trends Report predicts that the defining trend of 2024 will be an increasing speed of transition away from basic defences to innovative solutions, a charge led by current global pain points.

“The security industry has been moving toward a digital change for years, and from what we’ve learned from end users, channel partners, and consultants across the globe, that change is about to take off. 2024 will be a year of escalating transition,” says Chief Executive, Mark Junge.

He continues: “The main points of friction are the lingering aftershocks from the pandemic, such as increases in theft, skills shortages, and supply chain disruptions. As education around innovative security solutions becomes more widespread, people are increasingly seeing how investing in these technologies can help alleviate pain points, and it’s changing how they see the potential of their security solutions to protect and to significantly contribute to wider business objectives.”

The Gallagher Security Industry Trends Report details what’s top of mind for end users, channel partners, and consultants for 2024, along with insights from Gallagher experts on what these trends could mean for the future of the security industry.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • How cyber security is affecting budgets and spend going into 2024
  • The key integrations end users are prioritising
  • How businesses are dealing with staffing and skills shortages
  • Why end users and channel partners are at odds with cloud deployment
  • The ways in which data reporting is changing how businesses use security systems


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