European project aims to improve security on trains and subways

Barcelona, Spain

Spanish company Herta is leading a consortium that is participating in the largest security project within European public transport, Prevent PCP, together with a Belgian company, ACIC, and the French company Chapsvision.

Project Prevent PCP aims to provide security to train and subway stations, as well as surrounding public areas, through the implementation of innovative technological solutions that will allow the automatic and timely detection of potentially dangerous unattended elements, the identification and tracking of perpetrators and an advanced crisis management system.

In total 34 bidders participated in the Prevent PCP competition, only 8 of them managed to advance to phase 1 and only 4 are now participating in phase 2.

The consortium’s proposal implements the latest in video surveillance assisted by artificial intelligence. The environment to be monitored is one of the most challenging spaces that can be contemplated, with multiple entrances and exits, and massive arrival of passengers every few minutes.

The proposed solution aims to control and provide early detection of security threats, alerting of situations that have been identified as dangerous in the past, such as the abandonment of bulky objects inside trains, or in passenger transit areas. Along with these anomalous behaviours, the identification of criminals and terrorists wanted by state forces and their immediate detection will greatly increase the security of train stations and similar spaces.

In addition, the tracking of forgotten objects will be reported along with photographs and videos of the person who left the object, which will allow security agents to determine whether it is a dangerous situation or simple carelessness. Of course, all this technology deployed within the framework of strict compliance with the GDPR and European privacy laws.


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