Electrolux streamlines corporate ID security with Nexus

Stockholm, Sweden

Electrolux, a leading global appliance company, has selected Nexus to modernise its identity management solution in order to future proof and protect its workforce identities.

The solution aims to include employees and consultants at sites in all business areas. The physical identity card is based on RFID technologies and visual identification and allows corporate ID features to secure digitalisation and physical security.

Electrolux chose the GO Card service from Nexus, an innovative cloud service that manages each site in multi-tenancy, enables organisations to keep track of unique identities of users per site as well as approvals for procurement, enrollment and shipping.

“I am pleased to see that our investment in technology pays off in increased user experience, automation and governance. Best evidence is when global leading companies like Electrolux go through smooth onboarding in our service, and gain value in cost effectiveness and enhanced security,” comments Magnus Malmström, the CEO of Nexus.


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