Dubai Metro expansion with OT Systems’ Solution for Reliability

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For delivering reliable rail network, the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai and Serco group have signed a two-year infrastructure project contract for operating and the maintenance of Dubai Metro red line expansion. OT Systems' gigabit transmission on fiber optics products are chosen to deploy along the Dubai Metro red line for its system expansion and maintenance.

The OT Systems' gigabit transmission on fiber optics products--ET1212H-S-DR, ET8282-S-RP (multi-channel SFP Media Converter)--and SFPs have engaged into this project. These devices help to overcomes long distance limitation of copper cabling from the network design of Serco group. Since wi-fi access point and cameras need to be installed in Metro systems, and fiber optic cabling is the main technology to apply in this project.

In this case, over hundreds of IP cameras channel have been installed in the Metro stations, and all these cameras connected with OTS Hardened Grade Media Converter ET1212H-S-DR under the UTP Ethernet. After a long distance of fiber optic routing, the OTS SFP support 20km distance to connect with redundant AC input ET8282-S-RP redundant AC input converter and made all equipment had an available communication.

OT Systems provided a reliable and cost-effective transmission equipment to the Dubai Metro red line expansion and maintenance. The OT Systems' hardened transmission equipments enabled the metro systems to extend distances to PoE devices with fiber. Meanwhile OT Systems' product family provides the flexibility for the connecting the devices in point-to-point or daisy-chain topologies.

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