DI Award presented for the Video Surveillance products of the year

Detektor International Award-recipients. Jimmy Ek (middle) received the first prize on behalf of Axis in the Video Surveillance category, while Björn Adméus from Bosch Security Systems and Michael Larsen from Hanwha Vision shared and received the "Innovative Achievement Award".

On October 24, the winners of the product prize Detektor International Award 2023 were presented at a security industry dinner at the International Stockholm Fair, held in conjunction with the security exhibition Sectech.

In the Video Surveillance category Detektor International magazine presented their choice of three products representing innovation and usability – the main core values for the award jury.

The Detektor International Award was established in 2000 and is one of the most famous and prestigious security industry prizes.

"With this award, we want to highlight solutions that represent innovation and usability, And this year´s nominated solutions are meeting these criteria and can contribute to effectiveness in the security work," stated Lennart Alexandrie, editor-in-chief and founder of the magazine Detektor in his introduction to prize ceremony.

Four product categories

The Detektor International Award includes four categories: Alarm & Detection, ID & Pass Control, Video Surveillance and IoT. The voting includes seven members of the editorial board of Detektor magazine, including chairman Åke Norrby and the editors from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England and Taiwan.

The first prize winner

Axis Communications from Sweden and Europe won the first prize in the category of video surveillance for its IP-camera with integrated radar – Axis Q1656-DLE.

Axis Q1656-DLE is a IP-camera with integrated radar for early detection of objects over large areas regardless of visibility. The device can visualize the speed and distance of moving objects directly in the application view. It enables the setting of events triggered by suspicious behaviour, based on speed and classification, for example, people running or vehicles moving slowly.

The radar can also be used separately to control a standalone PTZ camera. In addition, since the radar “sees” in the dark, it is also possible to set triggers to activate floodlights or IR or facade lights when needed, saving energy costs. Axis Q1656-DLE has also built-in cyber security features to protect the system.

THE JURY’S MOTIVATION: “This radar-video fusion camera can make a big difference in perimeter security applications. It enables more accurate and precise detection and classification of objects, while contributing to fewer false alarms. A world-class innovation from AXIS.”

The Innovative Achievement Award

The Innovative Achievement Award was shared between Bosch Security Systems from Germany for the IVA Pro platform and Hanwha Solidedge all-in-one camera from Hanwha Vision from South Korea.

IVA Pro is a platform for intelligent camera surveillance which enables self-calibration of the cameras based on monitoring purposes. This is done via plug-ins for monitoring: perimeter, traffic, building security or object tracking. The AI-powered solution uses highly accurate data to analyze video footage in real-time to detect potential threats in commercial and industrial environments. IVA Pro can reliably detect and classify objects and interpret object movements, giving operators a deeper understanding of scenes, which in turn enables informed decision-making for a rapid response.

THE JURY’S MOTIVATION: “This feature-rich AI-platform for video surveillance offers self-calibration of cameras and is a sensational achievement. It proves Bosch Security’s capability to create innovative solutions that simplify installation and increase incentives to use AI in security applications.”

Hanwha Solidedge is a serverless cloud-based camera surveillance solution with a built-in robust SSD drive that offers 2TB of recording storage and can record up to five additional cameras – regardless of manufacturer. With the built-in SSD for storing video, database, and Wave installation files, all incidents are captured without delay. As the recorded video is stored locally, it is also less susceptible to hacking or unauthorised access.

THE JURY’S MOTIVATION: “The first true serverless cloud-managed surveillance solution with a built-in rugged SSD drive confirms Hanwha Vision’s key role as an important global innovator of video surveillance solutions”

Trends: AI, cloud and integrations

With their choices of outstanding products 2023 the jury of Detektor International Award confirm some of strongest current trends in the video surveillance sector, such as AI, cloud and integration.


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