DI Award for the IoT Security solutions of the year

Detektor International Award-recipients. Ulf Lindström (middle) received the first prize on behalf of Flasheye, while Anders Englund (left) and Pierre Parrman (right) on behalf of Aritech and Seriline, shared and received the "Innovative Achievement Award".

On October 24, the recipients of the product prize Detektor International Award 2023 were presented at the security industry dinner held at the International Stockholm Fair, in conjunction with the security exhibition Sectech.

In the category IoT Security, Detektor International magazine presented their choice of which three products representing most outstanding innovation and usability during 2023.

The Detektor International Award was established in 2000 and is one of the most famous and prestigious security industry prizes.

"With this award, we want to highlight solutions that represent innovation and usability, And this year´s nominated solutions are meeting these criteria and can contribute to effectiveness in the security work," stated Lennart Alexandrie, editor-in-chief and founder of the magazine Detektor in his introduction to prize ceremony.

Four product categories

The Detektor International Award includes four categories: Alarm & Detection, ID & Pass Control, Video Surveillance and IoT. The voting includes seven members of the editorial board of Detektor magazine from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Storbritannien and Taiwan.

The first prize winner

Flasheye from Sweden won the first prize in the category of IoT Security for its lidar detection solution– Acuity.

The Acuity software has the functionality of an operating system for lidar technology. It can handle lidar sensors from different manufacturers and easily be integrated into existing security platforms.

Acuity analyses collected data from sensors in a surveillance area via lidar technology to detect movement and any unwanted events. Virtual fences can be created to strengthen the perimeter protection and collect data regarding the size of the intruding object and the distance to it. This real-time 3D model of lidar technology – with thousands of measurement points – offers a strong alternative to security cameras.

THE JURY’S MOTIVATION:“Acuity responds to the market’s highest demands for reliable detection. Using lidar technology and advanced processing of 3D data, the solution generates valuable insights that take intelligent detection to a whole new level.”

The Innovative Achievement Award 2023

The Innovative Achievement Award was shared between Seriline from Sweden for the Serix ID solution and Aritech for the cloud-based Axon security system.

Serix ID is platform-independent service for secure mobile and dynamic identification of people and products. The identification can be done with Android or iOS mobiles without any installed app on the device. The solution s based on NFC tags with AES encryption and its encrypted message and authentication platform make sure that sent information is locked in an encrypted string that is unique for each read at each identity check. Therefore, the tag’s specific URL or content cannot be copied or reused. The identity information is changed in real time so that the current information is presented exactly at the time of the request.

THE JURY’S MOTIVATION:“Through this intelligent solution for secure and dynamic mobile identification, Seriline proves once again its role as an important innovator of ID-solutions.”

Axon is an IP-based security system with integrated web server. In combination with Aritech’s cloud solution Ultrasync, Axon enables the conversion of data into service for a variety of applications.Burglar alarm, access control and video surveillance are integrated and in addition there is a data collection port for various Ultrasync services, including IoT communication.

Axon is a tool to develop services and a complete solution for suppliers wanting to offer their customers Security as a Service (SECaaS).

THE JURY’S MOTIVATION:With Axon, Aritech enables a complete solution for Security-as-a-Service. It also includes services beyond security, due to the rich integration possibilities of sensors for many different purposes. A great achievement!”

IoT Security trends

With their choices of outstanding products 2023, the jury of Detektor International Award points out some of the trends in the IoT Security sector as well as general security technology trends: such as the cloud, mobility, AI and integration. Add to this SECaaS and lidar technology.


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