DI Award for the most outstanding Access Control solutions of the year

Detektor International Award-recipients. Vince Gardazhiev (middle) received the first prize on behalf of Alcatraz AI, while Erik Nord (left) and Robert Jansson (right) on behalf of Acre Security and Stid Security, shared and received the "Innovative Achievement Award".

On October 24, the winners of the product prize Detektor International Award 2023 were presented at a security industry dinner at the International Stockholm Fair, held in conjunction with the security exhibition Sectech.

In the Access control category, Detektor International Magazine presented their choice of three products representing innovation and usability – the main core values for the award jury.

The Detektor International Award was established in 2000 and is one of the most famous and prestigious security industry prizes.

"With this award, we want to highlight solutions that represent innovation and usability, And this year´s nominated solutions are meeting these criteria and can contribute to effectiveness in the security work," stated Lennart Alexandrie, editor-in-chief and founder of the magazine Detektor in his introduction to prize ceremony.

Four product categories

The Detektor International Award includes four categories: Alarm & Detection, ID & Pass Control, Video Surveillance and IoT. The voting includes seven members of the editorial board of Detektor magazine, including chairman Åke Norrby and the editors from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Storbritannien and Taiwan.

The first prize winner

Alcatraz AI from the USA won the first prize in the category of Access Control for its face authentication solution– the Rock.

The Rock from Alcatraz AI is an AI-based access control solution works natively with other existing access control systems. It has a privacy consent management feature and is designed in compliance with the latest privacy frameworks including GDPR.

The authentication method is based on recognition of some unique features of an individual’s face, to verify the identity at access points or for certain transactions. An algorithm compares a live image of the user’s face with reference data to authenticate the person before authorising access to a specified space or device.

THE JURY’S MOTIVATION:“This unique AI-based facial authentication access control solution ticks all the boxes for a true game changer. A pioneering achievement, which is why the Rock is the undisputable Detektor International Award winner of the access control category 2023”

The Innovative Achievement Award 2023

The Innovative Achievement Award was shared between Acre Security from the USA for the Feenics Access Control and Stid Security from France for the Stid Mobile ID 3.0

Feenics from Acre Security is a Cloud-based solution for access control for the enterprise segment. With an open platform, Feenics offers complex integration options for video surveillance, intrusion alarms, visitor management, locks and mechanics as well as other third-party solutions.

With high scalability for an unlimited number of users and devices, as well as a simple user interface via the app, Feenics is developed to meet the market’s demands for Access Control as a Service (ACaaS).

THE JURY’S MOTIVATION:”Offering full scalability for unlimited numbers of users and devices, this cloud-based real enterprise access control solution – with its complex integration possibilities – takes Access Control as a Service to a whole new level.”

Stid Mobile ID is an open access and identification solution for mobile access control, available in cloud or local offline version alternatively via seamless third-party integration. With Stid Mobile ID, the card can be sent digitally as soon as a new trusted user has been admitted. The user downloads the card with a photo to their mobile phone and is ready with a useful secure identity before arriving at the workplace where access control is installed.

For the customer’s Stid Mobile ID is a one-time cost solution that covers the total number of mobile identity users. A new free virtual card is created every time another user’s virtual card is terminated – then it can be reused for the next trusted user.

THE JURY’S MOTIVATION:“With this open access and identification solution for mobile access control Stid Security is confirming its outstanding position as an innovator of smart and secure reader technology solutions for access control systems.”

Access control trends

With their choices of outstanding products 2023, the jury of Detektor International Award confirms the current trends in the access control sector, such as AI, mobility, cloud, AI and integration.


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