Dallmeier helps reduce costs and complexity in casinos

Las Vegas, Nv (USA) and Regensburg, Germany

Image courtesy of Dallmeier

German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier will be presenting its solutions for casinos at the WGPC 2024 (World Game Protection Conference) in Las Vegas from February 27th to 29th.

Highlights include the modular Domera camera system and the high-performance 360° multi-imager cameras of the Panomera W series. Dallmeier cameras simplify the surveillance of gaming floors with innovative features such as remote adjustment of camera views, 360° overviews and “virtual PTZs”.

Quick adjustment of cameras for new table layouts

When changing the layout of gaming tables in casinos, adjusting the installed surveillance cameras can be time-consuming. However, the Domera cameras have an integrated Dallmeier Rpod function (Remote Positioning Dome) that enables remote controlled fine adjustment of the lens in three axes. This feature makes it easy to install and quickly adjust the cameras in the event of layout changes.

In addition to up to 4K resolution, the cameras offer other exciting features such as WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for optimal recording of scenes with very bright and very dark areas, and exposure presets for casinos.

Finding the perpetrator faster with fewer cameras

Dallmeier is presenting new functions of the Hemisphere Semsy video management system and the Panomera W 180° and 360° panoramic cameras. These functions enable efficient surveillance of large indoor areas with fewer cameras, offeing to reduce the time to resolve incidents by more than 80%.

Make informed decisions with AI people counting

Panomera W8 cameras can help gaming managers to make informed decisions by providing AI-based people counting.

This can improve the control of gaming table utilisation, increasing the security and efficiency of gaming operations. Advanced video analysis, either in the camera itself or via third-party analysis tools, enables accurate people counting.


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