Considering the integration of risk and security

Espoo, Finland

With security concerns at the top of mind across governments, organisations and international institutions, The Nordic Chapter of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) will convene for its 3rd Annual Conference at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland later the week to discuss whether risk and security considerations should be addressed as one integrated issue.

The conference theme “Risk and Security” is designed to highlight the role risk that plays in relation to security. Today, governments and international associations are preoccupied with security concerns and related risk issues which cannot be dealt with in any simple ways. In many cases, conventional risk assessment methods are challenged, creating a need for new concepts and tools to handle security risks properly.

The conference brings together practitioners and academics with interests in risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication to promote European networking within the many practices and domains of risk. Traditionally, the safety-risk analysis community and the security community have been two separate entities with different ideas and methods. Against this backdrop, the conference explores if current research on risk and security points to a growing integration between these communities and what benefits can be gained from a closer alliance between them.

The keynote speakers and panel members are leading academics and practitioners representing different research streams and industries. The Nordic Chapter will discuss the present state and future potential of risk assessment, risk communication, risk management and governance to support the understanding, judgment, dialogue and decision making related to security in society.

The speakers will include; Terje Aven with the topic of: Security risk - What is it and how should it be expressed?; Mark Burgman on: Expert judgment and security: Reliability and reasoning in geopolitical forecasts; Sissel Haugdal will talk about: Security culture and the intersection of safety and security and Ahti Salo will talk about: Security and adversarial risk analysis.


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