Brainchip increases patent portfolio

Laguna Hills, Ca (USA)

Brainchip Holdings Ltd, a world first commercial producer of ultra-low power neuromorphic AI IP, has extended the breadth and depth of its neuromorphic IP with two new patents granted by the US Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO), and the acquisition of previously licensed technology from Toulouse Tech Transfer (TTT).

These latest additions of technical assets reinforce Brainchip’s event-based processor differentiation for high performance, ultra-low power AI inference and on-chip learning.

The latest patents awarded to Brainchip from the USPTO include:

US 11,468,299 “An Improved Spiking Neural Network,” protects the learning function of Brainchip’s digital neuron circuit implemented on a neuromorphic integrated circuit/system (e.g., AkidaTM).

And, US 11,429,857, “Secure Voice Communications System,” protects a system to establish secure voice communications between a local and a remote neural network device. Information is encrypted by transmitting spike timing rather than original data, rendering it useless to anyone intercepting the transmission.

Brainchip also acquired full ownership of the IP rights related to JAST learning rule and algorithms from French technology transfer-based company TTT, including issued patent EP3324344 and pending patents US2019/0286944 and EP3324343. The invention related to the acquired IP rights include pattern detection algorithms that provide Brainchip with significant competitive advantages. The company held an exclusive license for the IP prior to their acquisition.

Brainchip considers patents to be valuable IP assets that help the company preserve its global competitive advantages. Its patent portfolio now comprises 10 US, 1 European and 1 Chinese issued patents. In addition, some 29 patent applications are pending in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and Israel.

“The foundational neuromorphic patents we’ve received for AI and ML strengthen our IP product and commercial differentiation,” said Sean Hehir, Chief Executive Officer at Brainchip. “Our continued leadership in neuromorphic research and architectural design continues to be rewarded as our patent portfolio grows.”


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