Brainchip & BRE partner on next-gen tactical edge devices

Laguna Hills, Ca (USA)

BrainChip Holdings Ltd and Blue Ridge Envisioneering (BRE), an engineering specialist serving the defence and intelligence communities, have entered into a collaboration to support advanced decision-making applications for a broad range of tactical devices.

BRE, a Black Signal Technologies company, will integrate Brainchip Akida processors in a variety of high-performance applications.

Tactical devices such as these are deployed where they have restrictive thermal requirements and limited access to power yet are required to operate efficiently. Akida’s ability to perform data processing, including AI/ML tasks at the edge, and its power-conserving neuromorphic design makes its utility in military and intelligence settings a potential breakthrough.

“Almost all conventional Deep Neural Networks are developed to run on power-hungry GPUs that strain power systems and generate a significant amount of heat; when data must be processed in real-time on a remote device, the challenge for hardware developers is immense,” said Stefan Moritz, BRE. “Brainchip’s Akida will be useful for tactical devices that ingest sensor data and use AI/ML to improve decision-making.”

“The collaboration with BRE will show how Akida can excel where power and communications are in short supply,“ said Rob Telson, Brainchip Vice President of Ecosystem and Partnerships. “This joint effort will expand the boundaries of what AI at the edge can do in both tactical and commercial applications.”


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