Axis selects Secure Logiq to power Intersec display

Croydon, Surrey (UK) and Dubai, U.A.E

Axis Communications is taking full advantage of the capabilities of Secure Logiq’s hardware and software to power various technologies for its display at Intersec in Dubai this week. Secure Logiq equipment is in action at the event to help Axis highlight the variety of solutions that it and its technology integration partners offer to tackle real-world applications.

Secure Logiq’s powerful servers that are purpose built for HD surveillance are being deployed to drive Axis Camera Station (ACS) and Axis Audio manager Pro on the booth. This is combined with Secure Logiq’s recently launched Logiqal Core software which will allow unlimited ACS licences on a single server and give the option of failover previously not available on ACS.

Another of the British manufacturer’s software tools in use on the stand will be Logiqal Healthcheck Pro. This brings to the professional security installer a complete suite of management tools to ensure, at a glance, their global customer CCTV estates are secure, optimised and fully operational at all times. Visual confirmation utilising a simple to understand traffic light system confirms the operational status of every customer site, either as icons or displayed live on a map and allows the security network and server hardware to be monitored from a single screen.

With Axis focused on highlighting its role throughout the whole security ecosystem, it is hosting a variety of TIPs on its booth. As a TIP itself, Secure Logiq will be providing the backbone to drive a variety of TIP products. The manufacturer’s powerful analytics servers are showcasing the capabilities of Briefcam. Briefcam is a provider of video analytics software that enables people, companies and communities to unlock the value of video surveillance content. Delivering accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, Briefcam’s video analytics platform provides valuable insights for accelerating investigations, increasing situational awareness, and enhancing operational intelligence. 

Other Axis partners benefitting from Secure Logiq's powerful server technology are, license plate recognition specialist, Vaxtor Recognition Technologies, and also Quanika.

“The faith that Axis has put in our hardware and software for its booth at Intersec says a lot about the quality and power of our products,” says Secure Logiq’s Robin Hughes. “We have worked closely with the Axis team to ensure that all the TIPs on the booth will be able to show off the quality of their solutions. As a result, the Axis booth powered by Secure Logiq will be the best place to see how manufacturers can work together to create a powerful and comprehensive surveillance ecosystem.”


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