Axis secures H22 exhibition in Sweden

Lund, Sweden and Luton, Bedfordshire (UK)

Axis Communications is playing a vital role at this year’s H22 City Expo 2022, a city-wide innovation show held in Helsingborg, Sweden. Deploying a comprehensive suite of security and surveillance solutions, Axis will help to ensure a safe and secure event for all through its network surveillance cameras, thermal cameras and radar sensor technology.

In addition to securing the Expo, Axis will also be hosting two inspirational events. The first of these is a workshop entitled Smart cities and video surveillance, which takes place on 1 June. Here, Andrea Sorri, Segment Development Manager, Smart Cities, will explain the potential of network cameras to make life safer and easier, providing examples about how to improve public safety, urban traffic and mobility, as well as the usage of cameras for environmental monitoring. The workshop element will invite attendees to discuss how technology could better support them in their daily lives.

The second event, Cybersecurity, the foundation to smart cities, takes place on 3 June, and aims to answer the question: What should cities focus on to manage more data, ensure privacy and stay cyber secure? The presentation will look in detail at the importance of effectively managing data privacy to ensure data security across numerous data points and systems, covering the importance of cyber security lifecycle management, maintaining data integrity, and how to add layers of cyber security for greater defence in depth.

Kristina Madolova, Architect and Engineering Manager, Axis Communications, commented on Axis’ presence at this year’s event: “The H22 City Expo brings people together to learn, explore and have fun, all centred around technology and the many benefits it can bring to enhance and enrich our lives. Axis is very proud to not only be speaking at this year’s event, sharing our knowledge and experience, but also to be involved in securing the Expo, using an exciting array of solutions to provide a secure, safe space for exhibitors and delegates.”

H22 City Expo is a 35-day-long immersive experience which runs from 30 May – 3 July 2022, bringing together innovative technology, food, culture and music. The latest in smart city technology is demonstrated through a range of innovative projects, exhibitions and hands-on activities.

Axis’ events are featured within a section of the expo entitled Hex22: 100,000 hours of hacking for the thoughtful city, with the premise being that the world is facing many challenges that could be solved using the very latest technology. Axis forms part of a comprehensive programme of events which invites delegates to test ideas, attend talks and workshops and involve themselves in a range of technology-based challenges.


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