A&E support tools improve security design at new City Hall

Spokane Valley, Wa (USA)

Dedicated A&E Support Tools from Vicon have played an important role as a key component in supporting Coffman Engineering Inc. in its security technology design for the City of Spokane Valley City Hall.

The light-filled 65,712 square foot facility stands three stories, with a full underground basement, and was designed to accommodate the community’s anticipated needs for the next 50-100 years with minimal expansion. Security needs are supported by Valerus video management software, IP megapixel cameras and Vax access control software, all manufactured by Vicon, as part of a tightly integrated, unified platform. Ben Helms, the project manager at Coffman Engineering responsible for the Spokane Valley security components, credits Vicon’s range of A&E tools and support services with helping him to get the job done right.

Mr. Helms relied on Arcat Specwizard, a free online tool that automates the spec building process, 3D Revit models of Vicon cameras that he dragged and dropped into the building plans, and calculator tools to accurately determine bandwidth and storage requirements for the system. In addition to simplifying the specification and design process, the tools helped Mr. Helms illustrate details like camera coverage to his client, providing assurance that the system would perform as intended.

He describes use of the tools as incredibly easy. “To create the specs in Specwizard, I just went in and checked the boxes for the cameras, servers and software that I wanted and downloaded the file in Word format. For the cameras models, I just identified them from within the Autodesk library and dropped them into place. I really appreciate how much tools like these can make my job easier,” he said.

Fredrik Wallberg, Vicon’s Director of A&E Services, explains Vicon’s philosophy behind its investment in these resources. “We recognise that security systems are a small subset of the many solutions that A&E firms are expected to specify within their plans, and it’s impossible for them to be technical experts in all of them. The tools we provide, along with our free support services, help them work more efficiently and make sure that the systems they design have addressed all the details. It allows them to be fully confident in the solutions they present.”


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