37% of business cyber attacks result in over $100,000 loss

Lewes, De (USA)

Source: Keeper Security/Atlas VPN

Successful cyber attacks can cause significant financial losses and harm to businesses. According to the recent findings by the Atlas VPN team, 37% of companies lose over $100,000 per cyber attack on average. Besides the financial damages, businesses also ruin their reputation, lose corporate information, and experience disruption of partner operations.

After a successful cyber attack, less than $5,000 were lost in 14% of businesses. Between $5,000 and $9,999 were stolen from 8% of companies. Cyber criminals got away with up to $49,999 after cyber attacks on 16% of businesses. Overall, 24% of businesses lost between $50,000 and $99,999.

Furthermore, according to Atlas VPN, 22% of companies suffered significant losses starting from $100,000 up to $499,999. Cyber criminals stole even more money, between $500,000 and $999,999, from 11% of businesses. Lastly, 4% of companies claimed to have lost over $1 million after a successful cyber attack. Just 2% of businesses did not know the actual losses.

Cyber security writer at Atlas VPN Vilius Kardelis shares his thoughts on cyberattacks on businesses. “Even though many businesses have invested more into cyber security lately, the most critical challenge is transparency. Companies are afraid to report incidents for fear of losing customer trust. However, that makes cyber attacks more dangerous and prevalent, causing significant damage to businesses.”

Consequences of cyber attacks

Besides the already mentioned financial losses, the findings showed that businesses often suffer additional damages after a successful cyber attack.

Nearly one-third (31%) of businesses experienced disruption of partner and customer operations and theft of financial information. Furthermore, more than one-quarter (28%) of companies suffered reputational damage and theft of financial information after a successful cyber attack.

About one-fourth (24%) of businesses had to deal with supply chain disruption. At the same time, another 23% of companies experienced obstruction of trading or business operations. Less than one-fifth (19%) of businesses suffered from the loss of business or contract, while money theft was present in 18% of companies after a successful cyber attack.


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