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Amid the rapid growth of smart cities, surveillance systems have become pervasive, characterized by high-resolution cameras, an abundance of interconnected devices, and extensive networks.

This trend is particularly evident in critical infrastructure sectors, where increasing data volumes and device connectivity underscore the necessity of preparing your network for future demands. 

The deployment of 10G technology stands as an unparalleled solution, offering exceptional speed and bandwidth. This technology ensures enduring and robust support for industrial networks, effectively addressing the demands of the foreseeable future. By eliminating the bottlenecks associated with 1Gbit/s connections, 10GbE represents a cost-effective solution capable of meeting the high-speed, low-latency demands of contemporary computing applications, such as video streaming and data backups. In this context, the incorporation of 10G Ethernet switches becomes imperative for the majority of enterprises. 

A Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch serves as a pivotal solution, enabling the seamless operation of compatible devices in locations where conventional power outlets and network connections are unavailable. In response to the escalating demands of high-power devices, a cutting-edge 90W PoE technology in compliance with IEEE 802.3bt standards supplies power to your integrated network devices. This empowers the establishment of robust high-power infrastructure, catering to the needs of smart city systems, including PTZ cameras, PoE lighting, and a lot of other applications. 

High Power 90W PoE Switch With 10G Transmission 

The EX78900X series, EtherWAN Systems Inc.'s latest product, introduces next-generation PoE with ultra-fast Internet speeds that allow a wide range of devices to be powered and connected to the network. The EX78900X series is a hardened, managed PoE switch, built to support the latest IEEE 802.3bt PoE protocol, with 12 PoE ports with each providing up to 90W power to compatible devices, along with 4 to 10-gigabit uplink ports. 

The EX78900X series adopts the latest standards to better support the long-term networking needs of PoE applications. 90W PoE opens the door to many more devices being powered and networked with a single cable and is also backward compatible with PoE af and PoE at (15W/30W). 10-gigabit speeds ensure that data-intensive applications can be handled properly. 

Additional features provide more flexibility and control. With PoE auto-recovery, the switch monitors and automatically reboots unresponsive PoE devices. Built-in digital inputs and relay outputs allow for notification and alarm functionality for devices. PoE power can be controlled granularly, allowing power to be toggled on and off on a user-defined schedule, ideal for PoE-powered security applications. 

Surveillance systems are designed to secure areas and record events. However, inadequate nighttime lighting can sometimes lead to poor video quality in recorded incidents. Now, EtherWAN's PoE switches offer a solution. They not only provide power to PoE cameras but also to PoE lights, enhancing recording quality and eliminating the problem of black and white or blurred video.

The Benefits of PoE Lighting?

Efficient Technology to Reduce Crime Rates

With rising crime rate concerns, the importance of lighting has increased significantly. It's not just about capturing crimes clearly but also deterring criminal behaviors. EtherWAN has partnered with Cast Lighting to pioneer innovative PoE solutions. By utilizing the latest PoE technology, lights can automatically activate when motion is detected.

Safer Outdoor Lighting with Motion Sensors

One valuable benefit of PoE lighting applications is their effectiveness in repelling intruders. When the surveillance system is installed in a location requiring security, PoE lighting can work seamlessly with EtherWAN's PoE switches to efficiently activate lights, startling potential intruders. According to a study conducted by UChicago Urban Labs, effective lighting can lead to a 36% reduction in nighttime outdoor crimes. This reduction occurs because well-lit areas make intruders more likely to abandon their targets.

Surveillance systems are designed to secure areas and record events. However, sometimes inadequate nighttime lighting can result in poor video quality of recorded incidents. Now, EtherWAN's PoE switches offer a solution. They not only provide power to PoE cameras but also to PoE lights, enhancing recording quality and eliminating the problem of black and white or blurred video.

10 Gigabit, 90W PoE for Secure Urban Infrastructure

EtherWAN’s EX78900X Series keeps your network ahead of the curve with 10G ports and 90 Watts of power per port. Furthermore, it provides reliable, long-term connections under harsh environmental conditions.


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