Mobile Enters H.265 Era

Hangzhou, China

Dahua Technology Unveils H.265 Mobile Video Recorder Series

A world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, Dahua Technology has recently launched its H.265 Mobile Video Recorder series. Specific products that were launched include the Dahua MXVR1004, MXVR4104, MNVR4104, and MNVR4208. Upgraded in performance while retaining the same price, all the new Dahua Mobile Video Recorder products adopt H.265 technology, offering a cost-efficient choice for mobile solution.

H.265 Compression - Half Bandwidth, Double Space
Featuring cutting-edge H.265 video compression, the new generation of Dahua Mobile Video Recorders can store twice as much video as before with the same HDD capacity. That is, storing the same amount of video now requires only half of the HDD capacity, thus saving money for users. At the same time, choosing wireless network monitoring enables 3G\4G traffic to be reduced by half, which can also lower the cost. This series’s enhanced performance delivers more competitive advantages for customers, especially well-suited to meet the needs of corporate or institutional clients such as transportation service providers, namely taxi companies, buses, railway bureaus, and many more. 

Cutting-Edge Technologies Empower Intelligent Video Surveillance
Offering real-time HD monitoring, all the Dahua Mobile Video Recorders support 4MP IP Cameras whereas the MNVR series can support up to 4K cameras. With embedded GPS module, the recorders allow for real-time vehicle location tracking and monitoring, which will enable the police to quickly and accurately identify suspects in the case of a public safety incident. Meanwhile, the devices can be set to upload all the information (video/audio/alarm/GPS) to VMS platform via wireless network: 3G/4G/Wifi. Users can also set the devices so that even under offline condition, the GPS information will be saved automatically and continuously uploading from the breakpoint when connected to the network again.

Moreover, all the Dahua MXVR series are equipped with AI-empowered face detection, catering for a wide range of applications. For instance, identifying suspects on public bus or taxi, assisting in obtaining attendance information of students on school bus, etc.

Multiple Choices with Strong Functions
Apart from the above, the products of H.265 mobile video recorders unveiled this time share even more fascinating functions including anti-vibration, multiple ports for various applications and accessories connections, as well as wide range of power supply to suit various vehicles.

In addition, most products in the series are certified with EN50155/ISO16750, while having a good resistance to hot or cold temperature while operating. With all the features combined, it becomes an undoubtedly a star series in the market.

Vehicles, ships, airplanes — all forms of transportation these days require modern video surveillance to ensure people’s safety. In particular, terrorism and other public security issues have become the top global concern and are challenging the surveillance industry. The advent of Dahua Mobile Video Record H.265 series has capitalized on the growing demand for mobile surveillance solutions spurred by the needs for robust public security worldwide. Aiming to give early warnings and prevent ahead - a trend of the security industry, the upcoming Dahua ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System) and DSM (Driving Monitor System) products will integrate a variety of intelligent warning functions to predict the potential risks. With a mission of “Enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Life,” Dahua Technology will continue investing in “Innovation, Quality, and Service,” to serve its partners and customers from around the world.

Product Models:

  • MXVR1004  4 Channels H.265 Penta-brid 2 SD Mobile Video Recorder
  • MXVR4104  4 Channels H.265 1 HDD Mobile Video Recorder
  • MNVR4104  4 Channels POE 1 HDD Mobile Video Recorder
  • MNVR4208  8 Channels POE H.265 2 HDDs Mobile Video Recorder

*Product launch date might be varied depends on countries

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