How Smart Turnstile reduces deployment/maintenance complexity and costs

Hangzhou, China

Traditional access control turnstiles require complex wiring to integrate sliding doors and facial recognition terminals. To make deployment and maintenance faster, simpler, and more cost effective, Hikvision has created a new range of Smart Turnstiles (DS-K3B631TX, DS-K3B961TX) with fully integrated MinMoe facial recognition terminals, QR code readers and card-readers.

To provide secure access controls to buildings or other facilities, organizations frequently use turnstiles with facial recognition technology. However, the traditional design for this type of device incorporates mechanical sliding ‘wings’ or another type of turnstile door, plus a mounted authentication unit that needs to be integrated manually.

The design of Hikvision new range of Smart Turnstiles (DS-K3B631TX, DS-K3B961TX), which is based on two key components that need to communicate with each other, can be problematic. Not only does this design require complex wiring, making installation time consuming and expensive. But there is also a risk that a communications issue between the authentication and turnstile components could prevent an authorized person from entering a building, or vice versa – creating inconvenience and security risks.

Reducing complexity and costs for deployment and maintenance

To help organizations reduce deployment complexity and costs, Hikvision has created a new series of Smart Turnstiles. These feature built-in facial recognition terminals QR code readers and card-readers, thereby reducing wiring complexity, integration workloads and – ultimately – access control costs.

As well as only requiring one cable to plug into the network with a standard interface, the all-in-one Smart Turnstiles are also far more elegant and compact, which helps avoid the bother of wire stripping and using screws to make contacts between wires and the devices.

The new Hikvision Smart Turnstiles also save time for maintenance teams with self-diagnostics. Teams can simply review a web page to see any faults in any of the turnstile components, and codes are also displayed on the devices’ LED screens if a fault occurs.

This feature means that teams do not have to visit devices on site to diagnose faults, reducing maintenance workloads and costs and minimizing downtime and disruptions for end users.

Delivering optimal turnstile performance

The new Hikvision Smart Turnstiles offer an extremely high level of performance and durability. The servo motor used for the devices is empowered by the industry-leading motor control algorithms and supports throughput of 30 to 60 people per minute. Not only that, but the motor is engineered to last for 12 million opens-and-closes (MCBF), ensuring that the turnstiles have a very long useful lifespan.

Aside from the motor, the Smart Turnstiles boast a range of other high-performance components and features. With 20 pairs of IR lights, the turnstiles are highly reliable and durable – with ‘anti-pinch’ and ‘anti-tailgating’ capabilities.

The built-in authentication module provides a faster, touch-free access control experience with facial recognition technology, and is able to process up to 50,000 users, read 250,000 cards, and record up to 1,000,000 access control logs. The chassis of the devices are made of stainless steel, with a lane width of 550mm to 1,100mm to support different kinds of customer needs.

Meeting diverse access control needs

The new Hikvision Smart Turnstiles are ideal for different kinds of buildings and facilities. They can also be deployed in a wide range of settings, industry verticals and sectors, from hotels and offices, to apartment buildings and education institutions, helping improve access control efficiency and reduce management costs.

To meet the needs of a wide range of customers, the Smart Turnstiles offer advanced access control features and functionality. This includes people counting for crowd control to prevent the risk of crowd crushes, ensuring compliance with security and fire safety rules, anti-passback to ensure that cards cannot be used by multiple people to access restricted areas, visitor management feature for facilities with authorizing access control pass to visitors, and linkages with elevators for multistorey office or apartment scenarios. The smart turnstile also features extensive functionality with the Hikvision unified management platform, and users can build additional linkages between the turnstile and other security devices and systems, as required.

The visual appeal of the turnstiles is further enhanced with vertical colored LED ‘light strips’ that can be easily changed online using an app, ensuring they always fit perfectly into their surroundings with proper color and mode settings.

As an additional benefit, customers who wish to use the LED screens to broadcast advertising can customize the ad broadcast according to their needs.

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