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A-MTK Co., Ltd, established in Taiwan since year 2006 and known as dedicated in IP surveillance products, has been successful in ODM/OBM service to its strategic partners and clients worldwide. The reference ODM products are document cameras, wireless and 4G battery cameras, Edge AI IP cameras, and ANPR software.

Marketing under A-MTK brand-name, the company has achieved great success, by concluded and completed many projects--such as Taiwan Smart City, Taipei Metro, Thailand Road Suveillance, US Police Car,... and so on. These complishments are completed with strong team works and efforts, in convergence of hardware/software reources and expertise of A-MTK Engineering Team.

Cyber security has been a serious issue around the world now.  A-MTK has passed ISO27001 which is the popular ISMS standard.  All of A-MTK products are compliant to US NDAA regulations and the Taiwan CNS16120 IoT Cybersecurity standards. 

A-MTK AI Solution

A-MTK adopts YOLO v4 to develop in-house AI Solutions. The AI Solutions support functions includes: Report the LPR number, photo, entrance time and location to back-end server ( TCP and HTTP and FTP server). In addition, it also supports to setup car plate blacklist, whitelist and not-registered list, as well to setup LPR action includes open the gate, send audio alert (buzzer) and notify.

Accordingly, A-MTK provides comprehensive Smart Parking Solution that includes Car-detect AI IP Dome camera, LPR AI IP Camera, SecuPark Parking Lot Management, and LED Display Management. Click here to check more...

Further AI in Edge
Car/Vehicle,  LPR, and Person Detection for Virtual Fence/Restrict Area Management

Car detection is to detect the car type, and further to identify type of vehicle, bus, truck, motorcycle.  A-MTK all-in-one AI IP dome can deliver complete information to client; the information is including: Car type, entry time, exit time, duration, location, IP address.  At up to 99% detection and verification accuracy ( day and night) on vehicle with complete car information, A-MTK car detection IP camera can be an ideal and powerful tool in many applications, like as parking lot management, parking lot auto-pay, restricted car park notification.

LPR detection is to detect and recognition car license plates. A-MTK has its camera solutions supported Taiwan license plate and Europe license plate ( keep updating) in verification. With the latest deep-learning algorithm and in-house LPR technology, A-MTK AI IP cameras have been overcome the difficulty of environment and angles on capturing various license plates. 

Continuous training ability is the key of deep learning to success. A-MTK have done many successful cases of parking lots no matter outdoor or indoor in practice. 

Person detection is to detect human and trigger alert.
A-MTK AI IP camera is the strong gear for virtual fence application, restricted area notification, and people counting. A-MTK IP camera can setup polygon area as restricted area, and cell motion as virtual fence. With the advanced setting, user can define the AI detect areas flexibly.

Click here to check more video footages.

About  A-MTK

A-MTK Co., Ltd. established since year 2006. The company joined the evolution of IP surveillance since Full HD IP camera, 4K IP camera, P2P home IP cam, and now we are in the era of AI IP camera.

With strong hardware, software, mechanical engineer team, A-MTK 100% design and manufacture in Taiwan .100% made in Taiwan, A-MTK owns in-house Deep Learning software team. The coverage including:

  • ANPR technology: Automatic Number Plate Recognition for car license plate
  • Car detection: Vehicle, Truck, Motorcycle detection and recognition
  • Person detection technology: Detect person only and apply for virtual fence requirement.
  • Person tracking: Define person’s ID and track it’s path and behavior.

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A-MTK Co., Ltd. 
Attn:  Ms. Pauline Yen  |  Mr. Johnny Yeh

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