Advancing AI Security Solutions

Taipei, Taiwan

Vivotek (3454-TW), the global leading IP surveillance solution provider, proactively expands AI security business and announced that the company has completed integration of AI and its new products, allowing Vivotek to build for users more comprehensive AI security solutions, like as smart transportation, smart traffic, intelligent building system, ...etc.

With rich industry experience and capabilities accumulated over 23 years, Vivotek has gradually showcased its achievements in the global market and continued to introduce edge computing to front-end cameras and back-end systems in recent years, completely connecting software and hardware technologies and services, while also incorporating optimal user experience and interface to make AI applications more humanistic, hoping to build a safer and smarter living environment.

A Growing AI Security Market

According to forecast by market researchers, worldwide spending on AI hardware, software, and services in 2026 will exceed USD 300 billion, equivalent to NTD 9 trillion; moreover, CAGR from 2022 to 2026 is expected to reach 26.5%; the global AI security market is projected to grow pass NTD 400 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 18.64% from 2021 to 2026, proving that the AI security industry is trending towards rapid development.

Leveraging Edge Computing for Enhanced Capabilities

Vivotek AI security solutions rely on edge computing capabilities to significantly enhance image searching speed and precision, and trajectory integrity, giving traditional surveillance services a new scope of application. Also, VIVOTEK relies on three major strengths to grow its market share, including: incorporation of the powerful Deep Search, which helps users to quickly spot people or vehicles in the video using big data, or carry out one-key search based on information like gender, age, and color of clothing, or car model and color; the smart image analysis technology, Smart VCA, which proactively alerts abnormal events through automatically triggered response mechanism by moving trajectories of men and vehicles; and outstanding image clarity that offers top-quality real-time images, enhancing credibility of evidence investigation.

Horizontal Integration for Comprehensive Solutions

Seizing AI security business opportunities, Vivotek introduces AI analysis and edge computing to its new products and services, horizontally connecting its two flagship products of smart cloud-based surveillance service VORTEX and VSS. Marking the first time Vivotek ventures into the SaaS subscription market, Vortex is a smart cloud-based surveillance service that integrates AI network cameras and cloud-based image management SaaS; VSS is a surveillance station that combines AI edge-computing capability, supporting diverse types of smart image analysis. Through highly integrated AI technology, Vivotek easily overcomes safety pain points and constructs 360-degree AI security solutions.

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About Vivotek

Founded in 2000, Vivotek established its headquarters in Taiwan and has concentrated on IP surveillance since inception. In the era of IoT, going beyond traditional surveillance IP surveillance systems have implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and been transformed by powerful IoT solutions. It is at this crucial turning point that we take this opportunity to redefine our positioning during the exciting era ahead with a new brand identity.

Vivotek’s new visual identity is inspired by the concept, “We Get the Picture.” The overall look and feel of the brand identity with a modern, user-centered, and digital-friendly design. Our color palette remains blue-toned, but brighter and with extended variants.

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