Optex (Europe) Ltd
Unit 13 Cordwallis Park,
Clivemont Road
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1628 631 000

Om virksomheden

For over 40 years, OPTEX has been designing and manufacturing high-performance sensing devices with a mission to make people’s life and society more comfortable, safer and more secure. Founded in Japan, OPTEX is a global company with regional headquarters in Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA) in America (North and South) and Asia Pacific (APAC).

For security applications, OPTEX’s provides a wide range of intrusion detection sensors including passive infrared (PIRs), active beams, laser and fibre optics sensors that help any site from the perimeter and approach, to the roof and building. Unaffected by variable lighting and most weather conditions, OPTEX sensors provide extremely reliable detection, designed to integrate easily with any other security system, from alarm panels and DVRs to most Video Management Software and PSIM platforms and trigger an event when an intrusion or presence in the area of interest is detected.

For high security-controlled access areas, OPTEX provides tailgating detection and reverse detection sensors that adds a layer of security onto existing access control systems to detect and prevent authorised access. To improve operational and business efficiency, OPTEX offers a highly reliable real-time multidirectional people counter that provides office buildings, museums, retail stores and venues with footfall and occupancy level information.


Optex lancerer Grade 2 Flip X professionelle indendørssensorer

Helping to secure the recovery of the airline industry

Årets bedste løsninger indenfor alarmer og detektion kom fra Optex, Consilium og Secury 360

Optex lancerer ny Redscan Mini-Pro Lidar sensor

Udendørs højttaler til kameraovervågning

Ny højsikkerhedssensor til perimeterovervågning

Optex introducerer nye akustiske sensorer

Sensing technologies brings intelligence to the security system

Optex introducerer Flip X Advanced – detektorserie med roterbar linse

Optex lancerer kameraet Insight-Cube

Critical infrastructure demands combined security technologies

Indendørsdetektor fra Optex med roterbar linse

Optex åbner ny europæisk afdeling

Optex laserdetektor - nu med forbedret sensorfunktionalitet

Intelligent lidar-teknologi: En game changer

Vellykket kombi-event i Milano tiltrak over 20.000

Intelligence in Lidar technology – a game changer for intruder detection solutions

Laserdetektering fra Optex sikrer nyt luksushotel i London

Optex nye Bridge supplerer visuel overvågningsløsning

Perimetervervågning i fokus på webinar onsdag den 16. juni

Laserdetektor fra Optex til smart perimeterovervågning af store områder

Teknologisk løsning til persontælling understøtter social distancering

Optex lancerer intelligent, visuel overvågningsløsning

Intelligent trådløs udendørs detektor fra Optex

Intelligent trådløs udendørs detektor fra Optex

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