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How to deliver adequate power to security devices in industrial sites

With security found in more and more industrial settings, advanced and heavy-duty network devices are needed on the edge to make implementations effective. Amid this trend, the first major challenge is to deliver enough power to these devices. Increasingly, traditional PoE standards, IEEE 802.3af/at that deliver 15.4W and 30W of power, are proving insufficient in this regard. A hardened 60W PoE switch, on the other hand, can better the power supply needs of industrial users.


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The low profile cameras can be used in corners or on walls and offer a 110° field of view.

Versatile mini cube cameras from Axis

Axis has introduced three new models in its Axis M10 Series of flexible cube cameras, optimised for easy installation, and ideal for small retail shops and offices. The cameras feature HDTV 1080p resolution, wireless and Ethernet connectivity, memory card support and edge storage, as well as IR LED for efficient event illumination both day and night. A built-in microphone and speaker, and motion sensor are available in two of the models.


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Hiqview launches full HD cameras for retail

Retail shops, commodity stores and shopping malls are most fearful of uncertain costs and of management safety risks. Some of the losses in stores are difficult to prevent, such as inventory shrinkage, fraud, theft and so on. Hiqview has launched the HIQ-5351 and HIQ-5481 HD IP surveillance cameras to help make loss prevention and warehouse management easier.  When any detected objects are lifted or removed, or if there are any suspicious shopping behaviours, the shop owners or managers will receive an alert from the IP cameras. This should not only bring up revenue by cutting down on losses, with HD IP cameras, but also both shoppers and in-store employees are protected in a safer and pleasant environment.


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Hiqview motorized IP bullet secures campus

The now popular design of open plan campuses has resulted in certain security vulnerabilities for school management, which is leading to a greater requirement for patrol-style monitoring of dark corners and other areas of a campus. Hiqview has now launched its HIQ-7388, an outdoor PTZ camera featuring full HD resolution, internet connectivity, pan/tilt and 10X optical zoom with remote control in function to help combat some of these challenges; this camera can be used to build a clear and efficient video security system and yet still remain cost-effective.
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