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Etherwan simplifies complicated migration to digital traffic surveillance

The advantages of traffic surveillance cameras have become broadly acknowledged over the past several decades, and seeing multiple video cameras at a single intersection is now common in major cities throughout the world. However, video surveillance technology has evolved rapidly, and in recent years the adoption of IP over analogue systems has become a major trend. This has created many new and unusual challenges in network design and implementation.

Product News

 By utilising automatic configuration wizards, VAST 2 makes it simple to set up surveillance systems.

Vivotek enhances user experience with new VMS, VAST 2

Vivotek has unveiled the latest release of its video management software, VAST 2. Building on the underlying powerful software engine of VAST, VAST 2 reveals a brand new intuitive user interface and boasts an extended range of user-centred functionalities, including auto setup, advanced search, and custom layout as well as additional add-on functions for failover protection, transportation, and transaction solutions. The new VAST 2 is designed for efficient video management, allowing security operators to reduce both operational and maintenance costs.

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Software helps police to quickly scan high volume video footage

Brainchip Holdings Ltd has released its new software product, Brainchip Studio, which is the result of more than 10 years development and uses an artificial intelligence technology called a spiking neural network, a type of neuromorphic computing that simulates the functionality of the human visual tract. Powered by this technology, Brainchip Studio aids law enforcement and intelligence organisations to rapidly search vast amounts of video footage for identifying patterns or faces.

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