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Mr. Michael Meissner, HeiTel Digital Video GmbH

Analogue versus Digital

The digitalization of technical devices is unstoppable and has already resulted in a significant increase in flexibility within video monitoring technology. In the last five years, renowned manufacturers have invested enormous amounts of money in development and now provide interested customers with a vast but cluttered range of components and systems. To market these products successfully, the manufacturers often swamp customers unfamiliar to the market with empty technical phrases and slogans that the consumer simply can not correctly evaluate due to lack of experience. With this article, Michael Meissner from HeiTel Digital Video GmbH, intends to provide a neutral, differentiated survey of both technologies.


Product News

IP access control from Genetec

Genetec releases the latest version of Synergis, its IP access control solution. The solution now broadens its access control capabilities with the release of features such as the Synergis Software Development Kit (SDK) for third-party system integrations such as human resource management systems (HRMS), time and attendance systems, fire and intrusion detection panels, etc. Additionally, Synergis now offers support for badge design, custom report design, elevator control and floor tracking, incident reports, and a host of other features.


Product News

Network camera built on open architecture

Pelco releases a new addition to its network video camera offerings in the new Pelco IP3701 series color network camera. These cameras are built upon an open architecture that can add value and flexibility to existing IT and security investments in a variety of applications. Users can view and control these reliable and affordable cameras with a standard web browser, Pelco Endura network-based video security systems, or through many industry standard third-party software offerings-and manage video from anywhere in the world.


Business News

IQinvision awarded by Frost & Sullivan

IQinVision has received another Frost and Sullivan award, the 2007 North American Excellence in Technology Award in the field of internet protocol (IP)-based video surveillance. IQinVision received the award for the IQeye multi-megapixel line of network cameras. The most recent addition to this award-winning line is the 5-megapixel IQeye day/night camera, which expands the coverage area to 16 times that of CCTV cameras and is suitable for 360 degrees immersive video applications.
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