Salto launches new Aelement Fusion

Oiartzun, Spain

Salto Systems has launched the new Aelement Fusion hotel lock, the latest addition to its specialist hospitality access control portfolio.

Aelement Fusion is an electronic lock with a sleek reader accentuated by an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented. It eliminates lock hardware on the door by encasing all electronic components inside the door itself, making security virtually invisible.

Its modernistic, minimal design blends effortlessly with any style of hotel décor, and its RFID, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible technologies enable it to seamlessly integrate with many mobile applications including Salto Systems’ Justin Mobile.

“The small, customisable light ring reader of Aelement Fusion provides a discreet electronic lock for hotels looking to deploy electronic access control with a stylish, yet technologically-advanced solution,” says Rob Zijl, Salto Systems Vice President-Hospitality Access Solutions. “We’ve had great success with the first generation Aelement product, however, time and technology wait for no one. To keep up with our latest innovations – such as our Justin Mobile app – an update of our hardware was necessary, which is why we launched Aelement Fusion.”

With millions of hotel guests having used the original Aelement product, new Aelement Fusion aims to build on this and allows users to lock and unlock doors using their smartphone as their room key with the help of Justin Mobile. This uses the latest technology to communicate securely via the Cloud and enables hotel guests to receive their room key online, anytime and anywhere.

“BLE and NFC technology provides the perfect complement to traditional contactless access cards giving hotel guests the choice of two technologies to open doors if they wish” says Zijl. “And by integrating Aelement Fusion’s design with the benefits of Salto's Bluetooth Low Energy platform, it is able to deliver a richer, smarter hospitality experience for guests and further business opportunities for hotels including enhancing the guest experience, freeing up front desk staff, improving security and hotel management, and saving on operational costs.”


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